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COMM11110 PR Crisis

Module 9 Blog Topic:

Find an example of a public relations ‘crisis’ within the last two months. What was done to cope with the crisis? In your opinion, has the action helped or hindered the organisation’s reputation? 406 more words


COMM11110 - Torches of Freedom

The concept of what public relations does is quite often confused with the concept of what advertising is. Public relations is the deliberate building and sustainment of a relationship between an employed worker of the particular organisation and those of the targeted public or other organisations. 241 more words

COMM11110- BPA Crisis

In March 2016 it was announced that multiple companies who produced canned goods had Bisphenol A (BPA) present in their products (Allen, 2016). There were multiple environmental and cancer foundations such as the Breast Cancer Foundation who all worked together and tested these multiple canned products for the presence of BPA (Allen, 2016). 358 more words

Cutting Ties: Subway's Problematic Response to Jared Fogle's Arrest and Conviction

After a raid on his home, Jared Fogle was “charged with traveling to other states in order to pay to have sex with underage minors” (Chapell, 2015). 621 more words

A Public Relations Catastrophe - Subway

In July authorities arrested Jared Fogle, Subway’s longtime brand icon for child pornography. It was in August that Fogle plead guilty to charges of distributing pornography and attempting to pay for sex acts with children. 544 more words


Stakeholders. How knowing them can prevent a crisis?

Do the right thing in the right time and be coherent from the beginning to the end it is very important in any public relations plan. 373 more words

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