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Plagiarism at its best! Melania Trump's PR Gaffe

The election campaigns leading up to the November 8, 2016, polls were filled with drama, controversies and public relations dilemmas never witnessed before. In fact, the world ‘crazy’ would be best suited to describe those campaigns. 409 more words

Crisis, Crisis Everywhere!

In any aspect of life, the possibility of crisis should always be expected. Crises can happen anywhere and at any time without warning. For example, one minute you are walking to an interview for your dream job, a hot Starbucks coffee in hand, wearing your new, very stylish and extremely professional white blazer, and the next minute you are tripping over your highly uncomfortable but SUPER CUTE nude heels. 791 more words

Essential Skills for PR Pros: Dealing with People Who Are Angry and Those Who Lie

You don’t have to be an Ivy Leaguer or a scholar to be an excellent PR pro; however, a good PR person shouldn’t ignore (and in fact should seek out) sound research that offers sharp insights on skills crucial to public relations work. 741 more words

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