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PR's Golden Rules: Traits for Professionals to Live By

Have you ever noticed how everything has rules? Yes, everything from the United States Constitution to your mom’s household has a defined set of guidelines, principles and procedures that must be met in order to avoid facing consequences. 325 more words


Antonio Hernandez: Providing a Global Voice in Modern Communications

Strategic communicators know that understanding and targeting your audience is one key element that leads to success in building a brand, mitigating a crisis or generating awareness for a product or service. 1,138 more words

Join CleanPix at PRSA Travel and Tourism Conference 2015

We will be at the PRSA Travel & Tourism Conference in Lexington, KY from June 12-14, where travel and hospitality communicators discuss tools and techniques to succeed in today’s market. 93 more words

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What IS Public Relations?

When it comes to public relations, many people don’t know exactly what it entails.  Some people think it’s building social media followers…but PR existed before social media.   145 more words

Public Relations

Principles of Public Relations

When it comes to public relations the public tends to think of it as a form of manipulation, and see public relations practitioners as con-artists. What most people don’t realize is that public relations is geared towards establishing a positive and strong relationship between the client and its audience(s). 412 more words


Thoughts on Accreditation from Anne O'Connell, APR: A Q & A

By Edward M. Bury, APR (aka The PRDude)\

For the past few years, one way I gave back to the public relations profession was to help nurture professionals who were pursuing the… 757 more words

Social Responsibility and Ethics

In today’s world of news where anyone with internet access can be a journalist, but we all have an unspoken social responsibility to be moral in our internet presence. 375 more words