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Public Relations & Marketing: Love & Hate Relationship

Public Relations and Marketing are both needed. However, the primary business decision can be based upon which one to use first on building a company’s brand. 118 more words

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The Scope Definition of Public Relations

Public Relations is the essential management administration that is built upon public pursuance, interest and executes an action to earn a target audience’s interest and acceptance. 54 more words

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Creditability is what drives Public Relations

The element of Public Relations is boosting creditability. In building creditability, public relations aligned with the following:

  • Solid Business Relationships
  • Clear Messaging
  • Brand Influencing
  • Consumer’s Interest…
  • 52 more words
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Is Public Relations Messy?

In not developing a compelling public relations campaign, a brand’s image and message can become confusing and lost amongst its competitors. Public Relations is an act of persuading many important influencers that your business, its products or services are worth considering. 90 more words

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Why you NEED Public Relations for your Business

When trying to decide if Public Relations is an operating spectrum for your business, public relations is the least understood of all marketing tools. The element factor of public relations reflects on knowing and understanding a specific target audience and fluence them. 82 more words

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What is Public Relations?

Many do know how Public Relations works. So, let me explain. The primary aim of public relations is to create the best image of a company, to gain and hold onto the interest of others. 130 more words

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When is the best time to Pitch?

I believe there is a strategy to pitching. You have to know the target market in which you are pitching. Every media outlet does not have the same deadline. 107 more words

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