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Is there a worm in the Apple?

Good Evening,

Khatty Katty Jo is back! Do you think that I would just only talk about Android and not the beloved Apple? Just a week ago Apple released their new phone, “iPhone 7”. 223 more words

Proceed with Caution

Ah, the dreaded share button. It’s one button that may or may not be one’s best friend or worst enemy. I say this because you could either “win the internet” or became the topic of negative discussion on the evening. 303 more words


Social media is about impressions and engagement. The amount of people that interact with comments and the impressions that can be made by a social media post is how society gets their brand to the public eye, but how can we measure the effort? 485 more words

Babies, Kittens, & Bacon OH MY

Have you dreamed of becoming Twitter famous?

Start sharing pictures of kittens, babies, and bacon.

Last Wednesday, social media guru Brian Basilico, his trusted companion Buddy Guy, and his creepy puppet skyped with my social media strategies class to share tips from his new book “The Bacon System: Sizzlin’ Hot Recipes That Grow Your Business.” 409 more words



I hate marketing.

Perhaps this is because I’m already a cynical communications grad who is skeptical of everything nowadays, but I’ll still stand by it: I hate marketing. 222 more words

Call To Action

Seven ways to make your LinkedIn profile stand out

Linda Capcara, Principal and Co-founder at TechTHiNQ,  provided us with some valuable insights when creating a LinkedIn profile.

Whether you are just creating your LinkedIn profile for the first time or want a few ways to enhance your online resume, here are some key ideas and tips to consider. 639 more words

Meeting Notes

I'm back!

I’m back! Things have been really quiet for me on the blog for a while, but time away has confirmed just how much I love blogging and how much I missed writing regular posts, so I’m making a commitment to coming back to my little WordPress site. 491 more words