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A Thought on Public Relations

I’m not entirely sure if I have ever sat down and thought about the idea of public relations and what it means. It’s one of those things that you know is there, and you’re thankful that it is but you don’t really know too much about. 658 more words


PRobably going PR

Before joining this class, I honestly did not understand what public relations entailed. I really just assumed since I knew what advertising was, that is what I solely wanted to do. 695 more words


We Are, PR

As a true member of Generation Z, I have been engulfed by the internet from an early age. Being a child in the digital era meant that I saw a lot of company and organization presence through my electronic devices from early on and even more so today. 709 more words


Then and Now... My Take on Public Relations

Advertising and Public Relations are very alike but also very different. Many people struggle with that idea and personally, I can confidently say that I didn’t understand what public relations was before learning ¬†and researching more about it. 701 more words

Social Media

Debunking My Future

Public relations is a concept in which someone takes what they know about a company they work for, and use their knowledge to portray the company in its entirety as best they can to the general and specific public.

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Public Relations Blogs

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Zoe Davidson Jewellery set to launch Spring Tides collection

Young Orkney jewellery designer, Zoe Davidson, is set to launch a striking new collection inspired by the sea-carved shoreline formations of her island homeland. 202 more words

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