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How Compassion International Uses Blogging to Save Lives : @ProBlogger

How Compassion International Uses Blogging to Save Lives : @ProBlogger.

Every few days, Compassion International posts new stories to their blog. Some are communicated from field specialists, those who work directly with sponsored children and world relief projects. 117 more words


I got a fever, and the only prescription is more Caffeine.

I prefer to use the term “coffee admirer”, because coffee addict is way too serious for my youthful age. Likewise, the world may never know what it is that coffee truly does for me, regardless, I love it and will never part with it–unless a physician suggests otherwise. 128 more words

6 Second Video

Changes in Bangkok

TL;DR – I’m starting a new career, things are good

Ambition is downloading the Thai keyboard for your iPhone before moving to Thailand. Reality is the guilt that stems from switching to the English keyboard every time you open up your phone. 528 more words


How to Use LinkedIn Effectively

By Helen Hernandez

LinkedIn is great tool to expand your network and find a job, but if you aren’t using it effectively then you might as well not have a LinkedIn profile. 648 more words

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The #PRStack Project: Really at the intersection between PR and digital

What are the best tools that help PR practitioners perform to the best of their ability?

This is a thought I had a few years ago. 481 more words


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I'm proud to be in Stephen Waddington's #PRstack community and project :) alongside Will McInnes (@willmcinnes), Scott Guthrie (@sabguthrie), Richard Bagnall (@richardbagnall), Brendan Cooper (@brendancooper), David Sawyer (@zudepr), Michelle Goodall (@greenwellys), Andrew Arnold (@Andrew_Arnold), Beth Hespe (@bhespe), and more. Here's the article and list of awesome thought-leaders and doers who care about elevating and optimizing the PR cosmos for the digital age of marketing and media convergence. ~~~ About Alex Yong, PR industry watcher and #PRstack community member: Click hereOn a mobile device? Click here instead. My articles on LinkedIn with a PR focus: Click here Follow me on Twitter: @ggSolutions123

The #PRstack Twitter chat is on March 4, 2015

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[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="509"]click to tweet and spread the word about this new PR project Click on the image to tweet this announcement! Thank you :)[/caption]   Proud to be in the PRstack community and project created by Stephen Waddington A preview of Brendan Cooper's summary is below: