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Public Relations For Fashion Entrepreneurs On a Budget

As the Day 6 BONUS of my FREE challenge Entrepreneur State Of Mind, I had the pleasure to interview the utterly AMAZING Lakeithea Nicole from 1608 Creatives bed in Nashville, USA. 33 more words

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Technology in Advertising and Public Relations

As of recent years, our society is extremely technology-driven and there are new technologies emerging on a daily basis. Though scary to some, these innovations have played a significant role in the advertising and public relations sector and will continue to do so in the future. 392 more words


Technology in AD/PR... What's next?

Technology is an ever-evolving entity. As is the world of advertising and public relations. Because of this, there’s always going to be “something new” and a “next big thing” within both of these fields. 571 more words


Hey Advertisers, Are You on Social Media?

Print is dead.  You may have heard that before, but in the age of an ever-growing technological industry, almost everything is found in the form of a PDF rather than between the pages of a binder.   488 more words


The changing role of PR

This year more than ever, my daily tasks have been so varied, that I’ve found it difficult to really pinpoint as to what exactly a “typical” day in my “PR” universe looks like. 125 more words

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How Technology and PR Work Together

In a world where technology is surrounding you at all times, it can become overwhelming. Especially for companies trying to put their face out there and connect with influencers. 519 more words