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Toggling on Instagram is NOW A REALITY

Toggling, or switching from one effect, feature, or state to another is a feature that several social media platforms allow users to engage in. This allows users to switch from one account to another without having to log in and out simultaneously. 319 more words

Public Relations

Don't look at me that way. My dirty job doesn't make me less than you.

Recently, Meghan Demaria wrote a piece about her experience working for Costco and specifically how the customers treat the employees. Consumers want what they want and as communication professionals we are at some point going to be on both sides of this story. 260 more words


30 Seconds of Fame

Okay…30 seconds for one Super Bowl 50 commercial. You’re total today is going to be…. $5 million. I think of this like being at a coffee shop and your barista reading back your order and total. 419 more words


PR vs. Event Planning

Recently I have come to the realization that the worlds of Public Relations and Event Planning are closely related, and that you cannot have one without the other. 681 more words


Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts, Game Changer

I don’t know about y’all, but being able to manage multiple Instagram accounts from the native app is a breath of fresh air. Personally, for me it’s a game changer. 124 more words

Public Relations

Patricia Jazo

Title: Chief Executive Officer
Company: FIGAP
Location:  Guadalajara, JAL Mexico 16 more words


Elephants, Donkeys, and PR

Last week I talked about crisis communication and how crucial a PR team is during a crisis. Well, with the presidential election coming up, I thought it would only be appropriate to mix in a little politics into the bowl.  380 more words