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Day 5 - Bye Kids

Hello readers! Sorry for the delay in this post; we had some wifi issues…

Today was a sad day because it was our last day at the school. 387 more words

Drag Queen Story Hour Brings Confusion And Perversion To Libraries Across United States

Elektra has been reading to kids with Drag Queen Story Hour for about a year. “The main key that we try to teach the children is acceptance,” she explained. 744 more words

The House Of The Nazarene Posts

Teacher v. Professor: On Why Anyone Would Be an Educator

While cycling with a new acquaintance, I navigated through the usual questions about how long I have been a professor, and then, after I mentioned that I was a high school English teacher for 18 years before moving to higher education, the follow up about which was easier, or which I preferred. 1,549 more words


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A great comparison K-12 vs a University Professor. having taught for 30 years, the last 16 as a high school English and journalism teacher, I too worked long days as early as 6 AM to 10 PM when the high school’s alarms were turned on and we were told we had to leave. We meaning me and the student editors of the high school newspaper. I taught about 170 students in five classes for 25 hours a week and the other 35 to 75 hours, I was planning lessons and correcting student work, and like Paul Thomas, I believed in having my students write essays and spent endless hours reading them. I’m a former US Marine and combat vet and I can say with conviction, the Marines and fighting in Vietnam, for all the mental and physical scars that came with combat, wasn't even close to teaching as the most difficult job I’ve ever had and I worked 45 years of my life with 12 of those years in the private sector. This I learned the hard way, K-12 teachers are treated worse than garbage by too many of America’s elected leaders and Alt-Right billionaires. When I retired from teaching after 30-years in the classroom, I took a 40-percent pay cut and left without any medical insurance or coverage because that’s how too many in the Democratic and Republic Parties treat teachers in this country.

Another brick in the wall...

I was in Toronto, on the last day of school. I was on the Bathurst streetcar, heading south to the island airport, and at the stop outside King Eddies (King Edward Public School), a bunch of middle-school’ers get on the streetcar. 471 more words


Personal opinion: I must never forget...

This doesn’t have anything to do with the Seven Laws for Gentiles. But I felt strongly about recording my present thoughts.


I must never forget that government schools are still a form of forceful control. 221 more words


A look at The School

Below are some photos of the public school we have been teaching at.

The above photo is my favorite photo of the school. It perfectly represents those inspiring and happy students. 595 more words

Day 4 - Didi Didi

Good evening fellow readers!! Today was another busy good day!

We went to the school in the morning and today it was raining a lot. So outside the classrooms on the roof there was a large puddle of water. 1,035 more words