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Why I voted Conservative

After Thursday’s surprising election result, there are thousands of Left-wing rants flying around. Some are entertaining. Sometimes, I even make it to their second paragraph. 1,381 more words

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Public sector pensions to cost UK households £1,230 a year - CityWireMoney

Households will be forced to shell out the equivalent of £1,230 a year to cover the spiralling cost of public sector pensions, which is predicted to increase 77-fold in just 11 years. 27 more words

Circle: healthcare through a glass darkly

Sometimes, investing is really simple. You just look at the numbers, then look at the people.

My former client Circle‘s CEO resigned yesterday, and… 645 more words

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Queues at Heathrow, Q's for the unions

Summer’s on the way, and just before a public holiday the news is full of two-hour queues at Heathrow. How convenient… for some.

And as usual, Britain’s journalists are completely missing what’s really happening here: … 292 more words


Euro: and they think it's all over

Looks like it’s finally happening: after staying surprisingly strong during the crisis around it, the currency itself is finally buckling under. It’s breaching 130 to the US$ and it’s a looooong way down. 138 more words

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No accounting for socialists

I’m at the other end of the political spectrum, but I’d really like to at least *respect* the few hundred motley socialists gathered in the City of London. 507 more words

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