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How to Avoid the Anguish of Losing Your Work

We humans have been using tools for thousands of years, and when we find a tool that works better, we tend to upgrade.

Don’t deny it! 687 more words

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PSA 7 – Responsibility With Dogs That Have History

Lately, there have been many news stories where the dog bites another dog or dog bites a person. Many of these dogs have been “adopted” from a rehabilitation rescue centre. 1,147 more words

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(PSA 6) The Right Way To Leash Your Companion

There is a difference between chaining and tethering your dog outside. Chaining is all accounts WRONG, any chain you place on your companion is barbaric torture. 626 more words

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(PSA) 5: Spay and Neutering Companions

There is a much-heated controversial debate of spaying and neutering companions as early as 6-8 weeks of age. In medical terms, this is referred to as “paediatric neutering/spaying”. 750 more words

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PSA 4 – Decompression and Rescue: Goes hand in hand

In the rescue world, life is stressful even for the dogs that we rescue. For those who actually follow the correct protocols and procedures of rescue, you will know that the first two weeks in a rescue dog’s life is vital for a successful adoption. 517 more words

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(PSA 3) What to look for in a rescue

PSA 3: Every dog and cat do need a home, however; most people usually buy from a breeder and ignore the fact that shelters and rescues have perfectly adoptable dogs and cats. 548 more words

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PSA Two - Business, Licenses and Organisations

Today, I want to go over the differences between “organizations”, businesses and license statuses. I would like for the populace to understand that there are different areas of registration when it comes to setting up a 501c3 or other. 924 more words

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