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German Sex PSAs Pt II ---(Things You Don't See in America #10)

The sticky note sex Public Service announcements I wrote about earlier this year were funny. Something that further exemplifies the difference American and German comfort levels with sex are the billboards I found all over Trier on our visit in August. 244 more words


A Brief Manifesto

The greater illusion is that we struggle for something that only exists because someone imagined it a long time ago.
Yet we think we have our own dreams… 102 more words

Public Service Announcement

Pro-Tip #2: You Are Good Enough

In the seventy-two hours since our little experiment has gone live, this is the first message like this that I’ve received, though I am expecting more: a gentleman wanted to know why I wouldn’t consider him “good enough” for my friend. 144 more words


Pro-Tip#1: Read the Profile. (Even a little bit.)

Setting up this profile for a friend made it crystal clear who *actually* made an attempt to read our profile vs. who didn’t even bother. 123 more words


Choose Your Words Carefully

Surprise! This is not a political rant!

No, it’s more of a public service announcement.

I’m here to remind you to CHOOSE YOUR WORDS CAREFULLY when doing an internet search. 295 more words

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