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"I Could Kiss You!"

I could kiss you, “but the way my account is set up…”

Lol. Not really, ┬ábut if you are a Kevin Hart fan, you’d appreciate the second half of that sentence. 399 more words

Real Talk

What is babywearing?

For those of you who come to my site because of my non-baby related items, you might be confused by what all this talk about “babywearing” and “baby carriers” is. 381 more words


RED ALERT! Thanksgiving is just around the corner, my dogs! Watch out, it might be a wild one!

This morning we begin out 2.5 day Thanksgiving work week and try to fend off Christmas for just one more short weekend before we have to start seriously worrying about getting coal in our stockings (again). 20 more words


xoxo, Your Hostess

While living in Charlottesville, VA, I had the pleasure of working as a hostess at two wonderful downtown restaurants. I loved my managers, my coworkers, the chefs, the owner, and many of our patrons.

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