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Public Service Announcement: MESSAGE TO ALL GIRLS

Hey ladies, I just thought I’d put this out there. Why are we so mean to each other? If a girl takes her time to look cute or post a selfie–tell her! 487 more words


Questions Wanted!

For our hundredth episode of Mere Fidelity, which we will be recording tomorrow, we will be answering a selection of questions from listeners. If you would like us to answer a particular question or speak to a particular issue, leave a comment below!


Beware: Everyone’s Gonna Be Like They’ve Been Smokin’ Crack

This is my own brand of a Public Service Announcement.

It’s Friday the 13th AND a Full Moon…. Farmer’s Almanac is even callin’ it a WOLF MOON??? 188 more words

Chicken Scratch

165+ Businesses Voice Support For Changes To Flagstaff's Living Wage Law

150 Flagstaff local small businesses unite in support of amending Proposition 414

FLAGSTAFF (January 6) – In just over 72 hours, more than 150 locally owned small businesses in Flagstaff have stepped forward to publicly stand together in support of amending Proposition 414, the second of two Arizona minimum wage laws. 1,094 more words


My name is Wesley West. Most people call me Wes. So yes, I’ve lived my whole life being Wes West. Does it get annoying? Maybe, sometimes. 2,764 more words

Happy New Year!

The entire staff of the Otter Lake Express (me) would like to thank everyone, my readers and McCormack relatives for being a part of The Otter Lake Express experience! 71 more words

Public Service Announcement

Good night, and good luck... in 2017

Some puck history, as we turn the page on 2016. It’s an old one; that’s the “Gumpster” in the front row.

Happy New Year