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Public Service Announcement: How to Put Air in your Tires

If you drive a car, you owe it to yourself and every service worker you will ever encounter to know how to put air in your tires. 279 more words


It Is In Your Self-Interest Not To Be A Dickweed

I recently read an article about the plan to turn Galaxy Quest into a TV show. The writer mentions in the article that the central conceit of the movie was that the cast of a fiction Star Trek-style TV show are taken by real aliens into space. 338 more words


Social Media and Winthrop Development Consultants

Hello to my readers.

This is just a quick reminder of the various ways you can keep up to date with what is happening at Winthrop Development Consultants. 120 more words


Dead Puppies Insult My Intelligence

The following is a public service announcement from the writer of this blog.

If you or your loved ones happen to discover the flattened carcass of a puppy lying on the road, please do not touch, eat, or otherwise disturb it.  166 more words


What are YOU reading?

I feel like a public service announcement with this month’s blog post. Remember that campaign that started in the late 80s? Well, this is my campaign. 585 more words

In The Notebook

Another PSA

And now, another Public Service Announcement from your friendly neighborhood pop-off….

-There are 133 loooong days left until elk season.
-The average person spends $5,400 at McDonald’s in their lifetime. 250 more words


The Times They Are A Changin: The Liberal Cynics

I slink shamefully back, after many, many months of absence with great news. No longer will you have to simply rely upon my lazy whims to produce something profound at a snail’s place, I have become a… 52 more words