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Texting and Driving - The Facts

A public service announcement I made for texting and driving. I made it for my sister who need a texting PSA for a competition.


Donna's Video Work


This video doesn’t exist

This is a rough demotape of video work I have done for the Discovery Channel, CJOH-TV, a really old story from Carleton University featuring the late Princess Diana and a public service announcement I did throughout Ontario back in 2003. 77 more words

Donna Kay Kakonge


my writing has been pure shit lately. probably because i keep myself busy, but maybe i’m losing touch.
the more you know.


It has been five years since the Let’s Move campaign launched, and it is still going strong. This program encourages good nutrition and physical activity which can help you improve your physical wellness. 39 more words


Reduce, Reuse...You Know the Rest

You can’t really talk about environmental wellness without addressing recycling. Reducing waste, reusing items, and recycling trash is becoming more popular here in America, which is great for our Earth! 38 more words


You Have No Excuses

I thought this video was very inspiring. Everyone is capable of exercising. Everyone is always coming up with excuses on why not to exercise. Whether it’s because you have homework, or you just ate, or you would rather do something else, you really don’t have any real excuses. 20 more words

Public Service Announcement

Dear Bloggers,

Why must the word ‘like’ find its way into your posts where it need not be?

“Like, seriously, if it were you and me talking like, in person, like, I would turn my back to you, like, so fast.” 29 more words