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Fiscal 'responsibility' and Scotland

Bananas reads (my blog) and so a library is used, I decide to buy a book (my blog) since in an large area of a over million people plus there no copies to hand so a justified purchased in one reason. 139 more words


UK Government's single Website since 1994

I tweeted four screenshots a couple of days ago showing the main UK Government Websites since 1994. A few folks have asked for better quality resolution, so here are the best I currently have (if you have better, happy to share them). 34 more words

Technology Policy

Parliament and Politics: #atozchallenge

And a plethora of words beginning with P that have been constantly in the background of my life. In particular the public vs private debate, and the prejudices and preconceptions that surround the provision of services and the profit motive. 808 more words

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A welcome addition

Today I had a chance to walk the paved portion of the new Albany County bike path between Delmar and the Port of Albany. The path is great — newly paved, and therefore smooth, and not too crowded, at least on a weekday afternoon. 85 more words

The "innovation partnership" - how to (legally) work with the VCS collaboratively on designing and delivering better services

European Public Procurement Directive 2014/24/EU, which came into force last year creates a new category within procurement law that allows public services to work with a group of providers at the development stage of commissioning and then purchase the services from those same providers without going through a new procurement process. 464 more words