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Free Trade or Democracy, Can't Have Both

From Huffington Post by Dave Johnson 03/01/2012

When we allow companies to just import stuff that is made by exploited workers in countries where people do not have a say, we are granting not-having-a-say an advantage over having a say. 150 more words


Rachel Cohen

Title: Producer

Company: Adam Bomb Productions, Inc

Location: Westchester, Ill.

For more than five years, Ms. Cohen has been producing national television and radio commercials, ranging from automotive to charitable public service announcements, and the niche market of casinos. 166 more words

Market Analysis

Pamatinis modelis e. valdžios stebėsenai, vertinimui ir palyginimui

Reference Model for E-Government Monitoring, Evaluation and Benchmarking

Egidijus Ostasius, Algirdas Laukaitis

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University

Elektroninė valdžia (e. valdžia), kaip inovacijų, technologijų vystymosi bei Interneto išplitimo procesų išdava šiandien jau tapo realybe ir net būtinybe bet kuriai šaliai, kuri nori įžengti į 21 amžių kaip konkurencinga pasaulio valstybė. 1,297 more words


Playing Bigot Whac-A-Mole

Voice of an angel, mouth of a __________ (insert your own faecally related insult here). Voice of an angel, brain of a ___________ (enter whatever imaginative metaphor you like; my favourite was “sponge” because, really, it’s a compliment). 1,223 more words

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Charlotte Church for President! Here's her latest blog since her appearance at the anti-austerity march in London on 20th June 2015, which shows how vacuous and vile her critics are. They cannot compete with her eloquence, and cannot counter her arguments effectively. That's because she is right!

Do IDS and Universal Credit deserve such good publicity?

By Tony Collins

One of the unwritten conventions in journalism is that is you don’t give bad publicity to a minister who gives you an exclusive interview. 831 more words


Why the state should not be a service provider

It is often observed that private enterprise must, inevitably provide higher qualities of service than the state.  It is also observed that for the private sector to provide basic services is somehow immoral, because to profit from serving people is wrong in some way.   602 more words

Politics And Society

The potential of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill to strengthen community planning

The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill was finally passed by the Scottish Parliament after a debate and vote late on Wednesday evening. In this article we look at the background to the Bill, the reforms that it proposes and its potential to strengthen community planning. 653 more words