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Adjunct Dignity Day -- A Successful Event

Last week on February 25, Sociology undergraduate and graduate students filled the audience, as well as the leadership, of Mason’s Adjunct Dignity Day.

From the three guest speakers, we learned that Mason adjunct base pay is about $2,500, as opposed to the national average, about $2,700, and as opposed to pay at other universities in the DC area. 450 more words

In Medias Res: Gender Pedagogy

Gender Pedagogy: Teaching, Learning and Tracing Gender in Higher Education

This book begins in medias res. Because of the ever-changing nature of ‘gender’, and the always-evolving domain of research and study that is known as ‘Gender Studies’, any published contribution to the global conversation about gender can only ever begin in this way. 1,260 more words

Future Cities – Future People

Perhaps few would argue there is nothing more joyful than watching children participate in group activities. The energy, playfulness, and exuberance are usually only pleasant memories for adults. 673 more words


11 reasons why we need a Chair for the Public Understanding of Sociology

  • It would provide a default point of contact for the media when looking for a sociological perspective.
  • It would allow someone the time & support necessary to build up working relationships with a wide range of figures in the media.
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Public Engagement

Chicago and all that

Chicago in the late nineteenth century became the site of the first sociology department in a university. The people that made up this first ‘School of Sociology’ took tools and approaches from all over the place that were useful in creating sociology almost from the ground up. 172 more words


Orlando Patterson in The Chronicle on "How sociologists made themselves irrelevant"

Harvard sociology professor Orlando Patterson recently had an article published in The Chronicle of Higher Education on “How sociologists made themselves irrelevant.” He discusses how sociologists have had almost no influence on the design of policies dealing with poverty among black youth and related problems such as unemployment, gangs and incarceration, despite the fact that these topics have been core topics of sociological research for decades. 135 more words


Sociology in an Era of Rising Inequalities

by Herbert J. Gans

The United States, like other modern economies, is experiencing a new and possibly long-lasting era of rising economic inequality, which may result in further political and class inequality. 935 more words