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Public engagement is a moral obligation of social scientists

Pierre Bourdieu, a preeminent social scientist and influential public sociologist:

“Those who have the good fortune to be able to devote their lives to the study of the social world cannot stand aside, neutral and indifferent, from the struggles in which the future of the world is at stake.”

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(public) Sociology and spring cleaning

April 2015 – Spring cleaning: thinking about Touraine and sociology as a device for bringing into being social agents – rescuing people from non-definition.

There is a special tension in our house at this time of year. 662 more words

Public Sociology

Touraine and the end of society

There is no such thing as society – again…

In After the Crisis Alain Touraine’s thinking appears to have reached a place where Marx-oriented pessimism sits all on its own – alone. 1,153 more words

Public Sociology

Opening up @soc_imagination as a platform for public engagement

In my talk at the Digital Sociology conference in New York in February 2015 (available online here) I explained my enthusiasm for the new possibilities afforded by social media for doing research in real time… 273 more words

How is public sociology?

I have been teaching my third year undergraduate module, Communicating Sociology. This aims to develop a critical awareness of the significance of the dynamic nature of sociological practice in the social world by examining how sociological knowledge can be communicated to diverse audiences.  61 more words

Public Sociology

Adjunct Dignity Day -- A Successful Event

Last week on February 25, Sociology undergraduate and graduate students filled the audience, as well as the leadership, of Mason’s Adjunct Dignity Day.

From the three guest speakers, we learned that Mason adjunct base pay is about $2,500, as opposed to the national average, about $2,700, and as opposed to pay at other universities in the DC area. 450 more words

In Medias Res: Gender Pedagogy

Gender Pedagogy: Teaching, Learning and Tracing Gender in Higher Education

This book begins in medias res. Because of the ever-changing nature of ‘gender’, and the always-evolving domain of research and study that is known as ‘Gender Studies’, any published contribution to the global conversation about gender can only ever begin in this way. 1,259 more words