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Keep It Contentious

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If BlackLivesMatter matters, it will be thanks partly its disruptive tactics… 1,234 more words

The Black Country and its contemporary relevance amidst a row about a flag

I was born in the Black Country, a region in England, west of Birmingham, and so were generations of my family before me. For those of you who don’t know, although the ‘exact’ boundaries of the Black Country are regularly disputed, it is generally accepted that the four metropolitan boroughs of Walsall, Sandwell, Dudley and Wolverhampton constitute the locality, today. 2,033 more words

Thomas Piketty: "Take a serious interest in money... Those who have a lot of it never fail to defend their interests."

These are Thomas Piketty’s  last words in his groundshaking Capital in the Twenty-First Century. Our community – the Economic Sociology and Political Economy global academic community… 79 more words

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How to defeat Neoliberalism? Name and shame its carriers. Together we did it-- and we succeeded!

Neoliberalism is a political project, sophisticatedly exploiting the fictitious “free markets” ideas professed by mainstream economists, aimed at reshaping the functions of the state and its institutions, in order to change the distribution of capital and wealth in a society. 891 more words


Public engagement is a moral obligation of social scientists

Pierre Bourdieu, a preeminent social scientist and influential public sociologist:

“Those who have the good fortune to be able to devote their lives to the study of the social world cannot stand aside, neutral and indifferent, from the struggles in which the future of the world is at stake.”

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(public) Sociology and spring cleaning

April 2015 – Spring cleaning: thinking about Touraine and sociology as a device for bringing into being social agents – rescuing people from non-definition.

There is a special tension in our house at this time of year. 662 more words

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