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America For Who?

There are evident indicators of the positive impacts immigrants have on the labor force. Immigrants who are placed under Temporary Protected Status (more commonly known for its acronym, TPS) have contributed greatly to the American economy. 478 more words

What Kind of Sociologist am I?

A good one, hopefully, would be my first reaction to that question however we know that that is a cop out if ever there was one. 1,150 more words


PhD Candidate Carrie Hutnick Wins Award

Congratulations to one our students, who received the Spirit of King Faculty Award.

Carrie Hutnick, working on her PhD in public sociology, has already taken her scholarship beyond the borders of Mason’s Fairfax Campus.

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A call for sociological micro-fiction!

I’m once again editing a section on sociological micro-fiction for Ashleigh Watson’s wonderful So Fi zine. See here for full details about how to submit. There’s lots of inspiration to be found in… 14 more words


When sociologists meet organised politics

Not for the first time when reading John Scott and Ray Bromley’s Envisioning Sociology, I was struck by the parallels between the strengths and weaknesses of the early ‘sociological movement’ and tendencies we can see within activist sociology today. 211 more words



A very very concise critique of academic sociology.

‘Philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways; the point, however, is to change it’. These are the famous words of Karl Marx and his thesis eleven, which would come to influence the sociological discipline and the mindset of changing the world. 431 more words