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Build Confidence through Public Speaking Courses

Most of us hesitate when we are asked to speak in front of a large gathering. Even though we may be quite informative about the subject, we resist speaking up because we worry that we may not talk with confidence and may end up tongue-tied. 267 more words

Public Speaking

The Magic of Words

Humans are endowed with imagination, and this has aided us in the symbolic medium of language.  We can communicate beyond the easily apparent.  We can describe a far-off land, or even better – abstract concepts. 328 more words

Public Speaking

Friday Funday!

WOAH! This week has been a whirlwind of excitement at Bird Girl Industries and I am so excited to share some great happenings with you. 394 more words

The View from the Window - 12th Anniversary of Loss

The View from the Window –  the 12th Anniversary of Loss

During class at the creative writing group I attended for some years, our tutor was fond of challenging us with ‘on the spot’ writing exercises.  1,550 more words

Include yourself

When are we taught business skills that equip us for the world of work? Like how to negotiate pay rises, deal with people we clash with in the office, and make sure our voices are heard in what can often be intimidating environments. 1,281 more words

Leadership Cover Blown

I’m a hyper-responsible person pretty much by nature. It’s just how I am. I’ve been keeping a low profile for awhile now, because it was getting embarrassing— I was president of this and founder of that and it looked a lot more like I was mounting an offensive for world domination than I was comfortable with. 422 more words


Parachute Proposal and 9th grade Woes

As I set on the biggest day of my life I felt more emotions then I ever thought I could have. I met my fiancé a little over a year prior. 1,861 more words