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On The NHS

A cancer surgeon has become the latest healthcare professional to discover that telling what you see as the truth about the NHS is not a clever career move, no matter how much protection is promised to whistleblowers. 325 more words

Projectile Working

Plans for the inaugural meeting of the Agile Working Project Planning and Implementation Group suffer a couple of setbacks. Business Systems and Technology Based Creative Solutions Design and Development Officer, William Eckersley, suggests the group need a snappier title to generate interest, but not an acronym. 1,606 more words


Thought Spending Cuts were to reduce Public Debt? Think again

Last week David Cameron told the Tory Conference that under the Coalition the country was “paying down its debt.” This, after all, we are told is the reason why we have had to endure: 246 more words


When winning leaves you at a loss

“The only way to win in a no-win situation is to draw.”

My comment brings the heated debate lurching to a halt. My team look at each other as they consider this and what it might mean. 1,208 more words