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On Deafhood Space

by Steve Emery

Last week, I went to Paddy Ladd’s lecture. He was talking about “Deafhood – A Pedagogy”, which was about theories of teaching Deaf children. 568 more words


Twitter storms: the terroristic destruction of the individual

The twitter storm is driven by a similar spirit to Isis’ destruction of ancient monuments. Both pretend to have a principled motivation, but this is just a guise: the actual content is only the drive to destroy, to bring something hallowed low. 1,150 more words

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It’s Her Fault… But Why Not His?

When we think about ourselves, it is evident that often, what makes us female or male is based on the characteristics we have. Females are often associated with weaker traits. 562 more words


近日,香港公眾意見(public opinion)再次分化,這次的因由是一名非法滯留香港九年的12歲男童肖友懷。肖友懷於2006年被外婆用雙程證帶到香港,因被父母拋棄,過去九年都和外婆居住香港,由於沒有居留權,肖友懷只能過著沒有身份、擔驚受怕的生活。日前,外婆因擔心自己死後外孫沒人照顧,又及看到清水灣以一名15歲少女因類似於那因從公寓跳樓自殺,決定向當局自首。入境處最後向肖友懷發放臨時“行街紙”,肖卒之暫時成了有身份證明,能上學的“正常人”。



簡單點來說,社會共識繼續分化,甚至已經破裂。 11 more words

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Is the concept of the public sphere redundant?

Is the concept of the public sphere redundant? Some scholars argue that the concept of the public sphere does not exist due to the mass media’s threat to the distortion and flow of information. 1,777 more words

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Video Blog: Are "Safe Spaces" Undemocratic? Part 1 - In Schools and Universities


This is going to be the first of two videos in which I find an answer to the question Are safe spaces undemocratic? This video will look specifically at safe spaces found in real life, such as in universities or schools, while the follow up video will look at safe spaces online and the Internet as a whole. 1,555 more words