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In defence of borders

Everyone is breaking down borders now. They are crossing lines, breaking down distinctions between academic disciplines or categories. Everything is trans this, inter- or multi- that. 1,251 more words

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Personal reflection on Unity

The theme for the 1st day of Kwanzaa is Umoja, a Kiswahili word which translates to mean UNITY.

Personal reflection on Unity…

There is little in life that can be achieved without some level of unity, even if the other partners in the exchange are (seemingly) invisible to each other. 706 more words

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Inclusive Christmas - exclusive laïcité?

Woolf Institute JRF Dr Sami Everett reflects on French laïcité, not as an academic, but as a father.

“But there’s nothing proselytising about it” my daughter’s primary school teacher told me a little nervously when I innocently commented on the effort that had been put into decorating the school, which looked beautiful, for Christmas. 794 more words


Kicking babies off trains: the heartlessness of proceduralism

 A much-shared video shows a woman carrying a baby being denied a seat by first-class train passengers. An elderly lady had her bag on a seat; the mother asked her to move; an argument ensued and the other passengers joined in. 422 more words

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Culture & Communication : Public Sphere and Conflict

Avni Sethi, a trained kathak dancer and designer who has put together Ahmedabad’s first “participatory” museum of conflict, Conflictorium was here at MICA to take us through the concept of… 550 more words

A New Series

After graduating from university with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, and now studying International Conflict and Cooperation for my Master’s, it seems the best exercise to keep the brainwaves going this winter will be to discuss politics. 88 more words


Transformations of Civic Society - International Graduate School Halle Tôkyô

Place: University of Halle-Wittenberg, Germany; University of Tokyo
Project leader: Manfred Hettling (Halle-Wittenberg)

The International Graduate School examines the conditions under which structures of ‘civic society’ were established and transformed in Germany and Japan after the 18th and 19th century, respectively. 21 more words