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Neoliberalism, New Media & The Political Discourse

With the rise of convergence and social media culture the influence of mainstream media outlets in political discourse is greater than ever before. The public can now engage in live media, whilst simultaneously commentating with their peers, in a way that can influence politics like never before. 2,587 more words

Digital Communities

Rising idiocracies? A political reflection

Whenever I think about contemporary politics (and about western political leaders in particular) there is always a movie sequence that comes to my mind: the final scene of… 1,110 more words


Sugar Coated


PR is the business of persuasion. Story weavers that advance agendas, mitigators of brand damage, qualified spinsters of reputation, optimism, and self-informed truths.

In this image i have adapted the popular notion of ‘sugar coated lies’ to suit the mindset of the everyday consumer reflecting on the authenticity of the public relations industry; falsely comparing its ethical and strategic practices to tactical advertising. 263 more words

From the Archive: Professional Wrestling for Amateurs - The Final Countdown

Exams are over! Holidays have started! What a time to be alive! And so as things return to normal it seems only fitting, on the theme of closure, that we bask in the final piece of the 6 part series from the archive! 581 more words

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Algoritminen julkisuus on vinoutunutta kyborgijulkisuutta

Teknologia nähdään helposti neutraalina tiedonvälittäjänä. Moni viestinnän ammattilainen ei tiedä, miten teknologia toimii tai miten sen kanssa pitäisi toimia. Meidän pitäisi kuitenkin olla yhä tietoisempia siitä, miten esimerkiksi algoritmit meitä  tulevaisuudessakin ohjaavat. 635 more words


Violence, Intimate and Public, in Bel-Ami's Republic

By Contributing Editor Eric Brandom

Mme Forestier, who was playing with a knife, added:

–Yes…yes…it is good to be loved…

And she seemed to press her dream further, to think of things she dared not say.

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Research Communication

he requirements associated with public writing are multifaceted, meaning there are many integrated components that are necessary in successful public broadcast. It is not only the contents, but the format, the place of publication, illustration including photography, drawings and images, tags and the target audience that alter how your writing is received and responded to. 984 more words