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Gettin’ Punchy With the Pontiff

My latest for Whale Oil blog

The Public Sphere and the Private Domain in the Free Speech Wars

This post for Whale Oil blog was originally intended to be a much longer article for my…

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Free Speech

The problem with the public sphere.

Imagine a place open to any member of the public like you and I, a place where every human can have a chance to talk; an environment of fair speech and informed debate. 477 more words


Is The Internet Killing Journalism?

In some ways the Internet has created great opportunities for journalists. For instance with the rise of Web 1.0, journalist were given instant access to communication with hundreds of people via email. 1,484 more words

Neo Liberalism

Microaggressions - fostering the alienated self

The current trend of identifying ‘micro-aggressions’ is not about social categories of exploitation or dominance. Nor is it just about personal touchiness or sensitivity. Instead, it is a prism through which social life and the world is experienced, as something set against and hostile towards the self. 1,110 more words

Public Sphere

Conference: Non-public(s)

Appel à communication : ” Non-public(s) ” Identités voulues ou subies ? Du XIXe siècle à demain

A l’heure où les publics sont mesurés, identifiés, catégorisés, analysés pour mieux développer les offres répondant à leurs besoins ou créer des besoins répondant à des offres, cette journée d’études propose de s’intéresser à la notion contestée de ” non-public(s) “. 947 more words

Public Sphere

Liberalism | Post-Trust Politics | Foreign Affairs

It seems to be that time of the year where we tend to simplify our problems and to a greater extent paint very black & white solutions to them. 2,066 more words


Poetic Interlude: Shadow Brand

Mercedes monolith
Rises from the dusty heap of civil society
Shrouds the cracked public sphere