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Public Sphere?

Following on from my last blog post, something that I’ve been thinking more about is the Public Sphere and what constitutes it. Is it a semi-mythical space or can it actually exist? 1,176 more words


Melting Hopes: Why We Need a New Narrative on Climate Change

I am old enough to notice a marked similarity between attitudes over sixty years ago towards the threat of war and those now towards the threat of global heating. 1,746 more words


social structure and the private sector

Academic social scientists leaning towards the public intellectual end of the spectrum love to talk about social norms.

This is perhaps motivated by the fact that these intellectual figures are prominent in the public sphere. 804 more words


Naked news, fake-d news, or "something else entirely"?

“Was a story selected for its statistical prominence among news organs, or because a personalization algorithm picked it out for us? If the selection was based on statistics, then which statistics—the number of mentions of the story, the authority of the news outlets promoting it, or something else entirely?” Frank Pasquale, … 13 more words

Bridging the Divide in the United States

By: Vahe Mirikian

The United States is experiencing a dramatic political divide. There are people on the left who do not wish to associate themselves with those on the right and vice-versa. 1,118 more words

North America

The Loop of Democracy

Irrational Absurd Triangle Escher Triangle Geometry

Back in 1992, American political philosopher Francis Fukuyama published the influential essay The End of History and the Last Man… 1,331 more words


The global fourth estate

In his recently released book Collusion, Luke Harding briefly discusses the media cooperation taking place behind the scenes, as media organisations grappled with a rapidly changing landscape.  514 more words