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#VenezuelaEsEsperanza #VenezuelaEsPlomo

A few days ago, Bloomberg’s Anatoly Kurmanaev published a story on the black market for bullets. After reading it, one comes away with the clear impression that the military’s negligence is a big part of the story behind Venezuela’s soaring crime rates. 260 more words


Facebook is creating a new tabloid media.

For about 5 years of my life, I worked on building sites as an electrician with your typical milk-and-two-sugars sorts of blokes. It didn’t matter where I was working or who I was with, I would frequently bare witness to an argument erupting over some hyperbolic thing or another that was written in a tabloid newspaper, usually followed by the unanimous agreement that immigration was to blame for just about everything ..so let’s move onto the football. 1,374 more words

Revitalizing the coffeehouse tradition

Not much I can say would add clarity or fresh insight to the drawbacks of the Race Together campaign recently unveiled by Starbucks founder Howard Schultz. 1,338 more words


The rise of online public sphere in social media platforms

Social media has gained much attention recently for its ability to upheave the political relevance and encourage social change around the world. However, it is debatable that the actual potential of this tool is not about the new revolution but the way it empowers citizens and organizations to dispute about different views and conflicting ideologies that are happening in their society (Gerhands & Schafer 2010). 636 more words


''The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere'' - Jürgen Habermas

The public sphere has caused a lot of controversy and critical debate in contemporary society over the last decades. German philosopher and sociologist Jürgen Habermas best known for his theories on public sphere argues that the 18th century was based around private individuals and government authorities also known as… 1,124 more words

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Gay/bi/top/bottom...fake identities and the structuring of public life

One of the first questions gay men ask each other is: ‘Are you a top or a bottom?’ A person’s preference of sexual position becomes what one… 1,062 more words

Public Sphere

PD-59 and the nuclear debate over targeting civilians.

On July 27, 1980 William Beecher of the Boston Globe broke the story that President Carter was in the process of modifying the United States Nuclear weapons policy.   781 more words