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Social Media as a Public Sphere

In recent years, social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr have become a place for people to share themselves and their common interests to the world. 1,343 more words


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Growing up in Ontario California, there wad never much to do around. Being a small inland city we never had much to do however, the city is relatively close to the mountains about fifteen minutes actually. 137 more words

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I think I am a valuable candidate for this position because I love to work with children, I have a lot of patience working with them. 48 more words

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Everybody have a different personality that make them unique. i think my personality and my communication with others  make me unique from others. For instance, i been working with kids for almost two years, and that made me be responsible and friendly with everyone. 45 more words

Framing the Monster: The Infinite Faces of Climate Change

Fritz Lang’s masterpiece M (1931) tells the story of a child murderer who becomes the pray of a keen, restless manhunt. Set in the 1920s, the movie depicts a German town where citizens, instead of reacting to the mysterious disappearing of some children, ignore the menace looming over them. 1,646 more words