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Gender Androgyny as a Postmodern Response to Fashion in the Contemporary Public Sphere

Within this increasingly multicultural society, self-expression is the social mechanism in which individuals reaffirm their sense of uniqueness. Fashion has and continues functioning as an instrument that aids individual expressiveness while redefining pre-established social pillars. 2,956 more words


006. Beauty In The Eye of The Public

The public sphere is the ‘space’ in which citizens debate about common concerns. This can reflect from political issues, entertainment and anything regarding humanity.

Socialist theorist Jurgen Habermaas depicted the public sphere as an 18th century coffee shop, where individuals would meet and discuss important issues and common concerns of the society. 366 more words


New series of reports highlights profound changes in online discourse in Arab countries | Berkman Center

The Berkman Center is pleased to announce the publication of “Mobilization for Change,” a new series of reports examining the role of the networked public sphere in advancing civic participation and collective action in the Arab region.

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Queering Prince Charming

Assignment: Speedy Analysis – Cultural Artefact

  • Choose a cultural artefact to explain a concept from the course

Joey Graceffa is an American YouTuber with over 6 million subscribers on his main channel.  951 more words

Life in a Public Bubble

Ok so maybe it’s not actually a bubble per se, but I really wanted to use the word in a title.

It’s more like a sphere. 407 more words

BCM 110

The Public Sphere

An issue being represented in this media text is the general populations growing dependence on technology and its effects.

Since media convergence has appeared- bringing with it a variety of new apps and convenient technological upgrades. 286 more words


#BCM110: Media Theories and the Public Sphere

‘The personal is political’.

What do Big Brother and Q and A have in common?

Both are examples of a ‘Mediated Public Sphere’, which McKee (2004) defines as: ‘a metaphor for thinking about how individuals come together to exchange idea, information and feelings about what matters to them in a liberal society’. 111 more words