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The Language of Reason

by Katerina Strani

A café. Once a dedicated space where people gathered to discuss culture and politics. A space of arguing, debating, learning. A space where public opinion was formed and authority was challenged, contested, or at least influenced.  855 more words


The Clock that Struck Thirteen is Bugged!

It was a bright cold day in April and the clocks were striking thirteen. But

it wasn’t 1984, it was 2015, and a young university student had just sat down at her desk and begun to write her BCM110 blog post on the public sphere. 900 more words


The PM, the ponytail and the paper

I was writing a post about FOI but John Key has turned the world upside down again. I feel like I’m floating.

The Italian media are… 1,167 more words

Public Sphere

From rights to privileges – the refeudalisation of the public sphere

In feudal society there was no such thing as a ‘right’, in the sense of a domain of autonomy held in principle by everyone. Any domain of autonomy was unique to a particular group, the result of their particular status or negotiations. 1,111 more words

Public Sphere

The MPs whose Wikipedia pages have been edited from inside Parliament

Grant Shapps is in the headlines after being accused of self-serving edits made to his own entry on Wikipedia, as well as unflattering changes made to rivals’ pages. 923 more words


Preach, father

Over the last few years, Father Alejandro Moreno has established himself as an authority on the topic of Venezuela’s crime epidemic.

For years, he has toiled in Venezuela’s toughest neighborhoods. 346 more words


Muzzling a country

Covering the quagmire that Venezuela has become in a fair way has always been the main purpose of Caracas Chronicles. As bloggers we try to unveil to the world what’s really happening on the political, economic and social fronts, providing our humble analysis of the status quo. 408 more words