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When I see a liberal writer’s description of Donald Trump, or a conservative writer’s views of Hillary Clinton, I am embarrassed for them both. I wouldn’t let a 5-year-old child make such impolite and obviously extreme statements—and yet, today, extreme views are often applauded.

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Digital Diplomacy in the Age of Political Extremity


Over the past year, a growing number of scholars, diplomats and journalists have reflected on the growing importance of algorithms to the conduct of diplomacy. 1,056 more words

Digital Diplomacy

Hiding your public blog

The intensity and complexity of life, attendant upon advancing civilization, have rendered necessary some sort of retreat from the world, and man, under the refining influence of culture, has become more sensitive to publicity, so that solitude and privacy have become more essential to the individual. 439 more words


Nuit Blanche 2016

Private, adj: concerning, involving, or affecting a particular person or group of people apart from the general community; individual or personal, rather than communal or shared. 830 more words

Don't Panic

Start at the Start

To run a blog about citizen media, one must first consider what is citizen media. In many ways it is media produced by amateurs. Much of the time citizen media is not for profit, but if someone running a YouTube channel puts ads on their videos for profit does that disqualify them? 340 more words

Citizen Media

Media Regulation: Who are we really trying to protect?

The evolving world of digital media has had a significant impact on the spatial and temporal dimensions of our social life. How we communicate, and the speed in which we do, has constantly evolved, especially with the development of the Internet, eliminating time and space limitations (Kweon, 2011). 589 more words