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Ruang Publik, Ruang Para Pencerita atau Pencitra?!

Tahun politik! Itulah frasa singkat yang saya tangkap dari perbincangan di warung makan kemarin sore. Dua orang bertukar cerita di sebuah bangku panjang. Sambil berbagi tempat duduk, sesekali mereka berguyon tentang kenyataan hidup yang terus menguras energi. 755 more words

The Attention Economy of the American Revolution

A few months ago, a New York Times investigation uncovered the secret economies of social media bots. C-list celebrities such as Paul Hollywood, John Leguizamo, and Michael Symon, purveyors of “fake news,” and several businesses have boosted their Twitter profiles by purchasing fake follower “bots” and retweets from these accounts. 853 more words

American Revolution

Informational Dominance

Now comes writer-researcher Clara Hendrickson, with a lucid critique of the political delusion at the heart of social media. Her Boston Review essay is excerpted below, with images from Andrei Lacatusu’s project, 138 more words


The Public Sphere (4.11.18)

Today we will explore one of the central concepts in this class: the public sphere.

In order to leave as much time as possible for discussion, I want to skip our usual quick write in favor of some group work. 163 more words

Social Media as a Promising Arena for Public Debate

Dimitra Kagioglou, Dinesh George Lourdes, Evgeniya Kreslova, Maria Oliva, Nele Mirjam Werner, Siyu Xu

Once upon a time, the political debates were provided to the public through media reporting. 739 more words


Sphere me the details.

Don’t know what a public sphere is? Neither did I until 24hrs ago. So let me break it down for you the Public Sphere Theory… 413 more words


The Twitter(public)sphere

Prepare for your mind to be blown.

Whether you know it or not, we are all members of a virtual community which does not necessarily exist in a distinguishable place. 499 more words