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After Pulse: Queer Intimacies in the Shadow of Orlando

t’s been ages since I’ve posted on here, and I’m both saddened and frustrated that it’s taken the anniversary of the Pulse Orlando massacre for me to get back to writing about these sorts of issues. 2,334 more words


Survivor as fabricated public spheres

The conceptual and contextual notion of the game of survivor provides viewers and game players with the paradox of how individuals navigate constructed public spheres and whether this is their reality or fiction. 255 more words

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'Just call me "ze".' The trouble with gender-neutral identities

 A friend’s 14-year-old son goes to a south London comprehensive. Two of his classmates identify as neither male or female: one has two personalities, between which he alternates; the other is a ‘non-binary non-cis-gendered woman’. 1,044 more words

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I am deeply fascinated by how an oral culture retains the core of the communicative act. How can a deeply interactive framework of expression based in shared experience survive, when faced with translation into a written public sphere? 196 more words

Brexit and the Democratic Intellect

The debate surrounding Britain’s vote to leave the European Union exposed, among other things, a suspicion of ‘experts.’ How did intellectuals become alienated figures? And how might citizens and academics come together in order to better understand the attitudes and experiences of the other? 597 more words

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5 lessons from the French elections

1. The post-war political arrangement has broken down. For the first time, the Socialist and Gaullist parties were both absent from the second round of a presidential election. 739 more words

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Nottingham - ECPR

25th to 30th of November.  The curious and interesting architectural park of the University of Nottingham hosted this overpriced event. A beautiful university, geese amongst students and scholars like souls wandering of former academics with unfinished issues, and beautiful colors and textures: wooden buildings, water pods, inside gardens with couching corners of wifi and reflection. 303 more words

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