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Transformations of Civic Society - International Graduate School Halle Tôkyô

Place: University of Halle-Wittenberg, Germany; University of Tokyo
Project leader: Manfred Hettling (Halle-Wittenberg)

The International Graduate School examines the conditions under which structures of ‘civic society’ were established and transformed in Germany and Japan after the 18th and 19th century, respectively. 21 more words


Grassroots Activism and Social Media

I was at Pride Toronto, July 2016 when the Toronto chapter of Black Lives Matter stopped the parade with a sit it. I was actually probably no more than a few minutes walking from the actual sit in, and the Black Lives Matter group had passed where I was watching the parade from maybe only 10 minutes before they staged their sit in. 524 more words

Newspapers, magazines, public sphere

You might think the title is very confusing. Or you might think the first two words are connected but the last one.
Well, you’re technically wrong. 501 more words

Is the Internet made up of elitists and 'slacktivists'?

Many techno-dystopians argue that the online public sphere is only available to the elitists who can afford to access the Internet through digital technologies. They argue that the online public sphere does not represent the entire offline public sphere. 457 more words

The Public Sphere

Hobbies let us connect publicly if politics must be kept private

I am currently reading Bonds of Civility by Eiko Ikegami.  It is fascinating.  But one claim is particularly timely right now.

In Pre-modern Japan, under the shogunate, political associations were forbidden.   242 more words

Ethics and Politics, Case: The Media


The interaction between ethics, values, and morals are the foundations for American Law and that of other nations. While this fact is rarely contested, there are many different viewpoints on just exactly what is ethical. 737 more words


Culture Jamming - Where Art and Pranking Meets Activism. A Micro Essay

When it comes to citizen media and grassroots activism there it one practice that doesn’t need a large number of people actively participating to be effective but rather something as simple as a single person with a bucket of paint and a brush. 527 more words