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Conflationary Consequences in Contemporary Atheisms

In today’s post, Terrell Carver reflects on our atheisms series, noting the ways in which conflation occurs across different concepts in public atheist discourses and the risks, challenges and strategies this raises for analysing as well as engaging with atheisms in contemporary global politics and public life. 1,807 more words

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Atheism(s) in the public sphere

In more and more parts of the world, atheism is becoming publicly visible, yet the ways in which this occurs are many and varied, related to differences in politics, culture, histories of secularism and secularization and a host of other factors. 3,143 more words

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In Which I Friend-Zone Early Modern Drama

Where are the plays of yester-month? Mostly, to be honest, they are in a 3-ring binder on my office shelf. They have notes scrawled in the margins—because I’m a fan of material texts and have a whole project about annotated plays—but those notes have stayed private and those binders have stayed put. 1,032 more words

Public space and public domain

I’m going to put down some responses to Nadeemy’s last two posts. But to make sure everyone sees that the responses are addressing different issues, I’m making it one response per idea per post! 170 more words

What's my age again?

My blog, stutterstumblewritings (henceforth SSW), has been up and running in public since early 2013. Initially, it was a place to host my creative writing projects as I had been previously publishing on LiveJournal and FictionPress. 990 more words

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Why graduates need to know about the gender pay gap

Published for ATS2440 – The Public Sphere (Monash University):

I’ll be the first one to fess up – prior to this project; the gender pay gap issue was something I knew nothing about. 485 more words


Future of Media: Psychographics & Lifestyles

Through the use of media and technology, the needs of a listening audience can be better met. Public discourse can relate to the general public’s view of societal norms as the public sphere grows and advances in time. 1,305 more words