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On Making News Nowadays

Talking about news, is not as easy as we thought it was. Apparently.

Because there is such thing as money in the media world, even news organisation, no matter how big and reliable they are, need to make money. 872 more words

Random Bitching

Illinois Closes Down State Museum System

I received notice yesterday from the Society of Georgia Archivists that Illinois has now closed the doors to the Springfield museum and the other four satellite museums that make up the museum system of the state. 180 more words

Public History Profession

Being Part of Something Larger: A Review of Imprinting Britain

Keith Grant

Michael Eamon, Imprinting Britain: Newspapers, Sociability, and the Shaping of British North America (Montreal & Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2015).

“Were I to name the most striking peculiarity of our neighbours in the United States, I would say that they are set apart from the rest of mankind by a certain… 1,106 more words

18th Century


There are many claims by scholars that printing and capitalism created the public sphere and that the public sphere enabled democracy. I don’t think that wrong, but they didn’t spring full blown from Pallas Athena’s brow either, they came from somewhere. 812 more words


"Hollow Men" - Nicky Hager

Political parties increasingly prioritise the instrumental goal of winning votes over maintaining a coherent set of principles and policies. Nicky Hager’s ‘hollow men’ analysis suggests political leaders are increasingly selected for their ‘fit’ with political image-management strategies rather than for their ability and political integrity. 66 more words

New Communications Technology

Social Media Supporting Political Deliberation Across Multiple Public Spheres: Towards Depolarization

Bryan Semaan, Scott P. Robertson, Sara Douglas and Misa Maruyama. 2014. Social Media Supporting Political Deliberation Across Multiple Public Spheres: Towards Depolarization. Proceedings of the 17th ACM conference on Computer supported cooperative work & social computing . 1,306 more words

Raw Literature Review

Article: Charlie Hebdo, Free Speech and Counter-Speech

This brief rapid response article considers the French media framing of the Charlie Hebdo attack in terms of ‘Republican values’ such as free speech, and critiques the post-political and moralistic reduction of debate to ‘right and wrong’ arguments, as well as the fetishisation of the right to offend and the depoliticisation of the right to be offended. 14 more words