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The Cultural Value of Digital Media

The rise of the Digital Age has sparked considerable discussion regarding shifting notions of culture and its meaning in a world which increasingly embraces the democratic voices and vernacular of everyday citizens. 540 more words

Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy and Social Discourse

Rising digital literacy has the potential to legitimise the online public sphere as an egalitarian platform for social discourse. However, its increasingly intrinsic relationship to societal function has profoundly negative effects on the voice of those excluded from participation for their lack of connectivity. 537 more words


Digital Interactivity and Creative Control

The growth of interactivity in digital media has made a significant contribution to the democratisation of culture, particularly within the realm of authorship and creative control. 539 more words



Agonistic pluralism, Chantal Mouffe



这其中包括Chantal Mouffe提出的Agonistic pluralism,多元争胜模型。


Non Classé

Solidarity, Fragmentation, & Welfare

by contributing editor Daniel London

The capacity to live with difference is, in my view, the coming question of the twenty-first century. – Stuart Hall… 1,511 more words

Think Pieces

Talking Politics without Arguing

This post is the landing page for a three-part series that is more about public discourse than public space, but I think the two are closely related.   125 more words

Privacy and Celebrities

I keep seeing these articles about Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston dating. And most of them are basically saying it is a PR stunt.

Seriously, people? 605 more words