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Thoughts On The 50th Anniversary Of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood was a staple of the education of American children for nearly fifty years.

Premiering on February 19th, 1968, the program originally aired on what would later become known as public television. 203 more words


Environmentalist's Book Club

If you can, you need to read or listen to David Attenborough’s book Life on Air: Memoirs of a Broadcaster. In fact, I’d even suggest holding off on getting it until you can listen to the… 157 more words

Upcoming Webinar: AAPB's Quality Control Tools and Techniques for Ingesting Digitized Collections

Oklahoma mentor Lisa Henry (left) cleaning a U-matic deck with Public Broadcasting Preservation Fellow Tanya Yule.

This Thursday, February 15th at 8 pm EST, American Archive of Public Broadcasting (AAPB) staff will host a webinar covering quality control tools and technologies used when ingesting digitized collections into the AAPB archive, including MDQC, MediaConch, Sonic Visualizer, and QCTools. 159 more words


Foggy Memories

Lately, I’m beginning to think that some of the organizations we’ve made donations to have a problem with their memory. Don’t get me wrong, they know who we are, where we live, our email addresses and our phone numbers. 653 more words


German Public Television Carries Out Textbook Propaganda Hit On German Climate “Deniers”…”Used Every Trick” — Iowa Climate Science Education

Another winter North Sea storm struck Germany last Thursday, and naturally the alarmists and climate-downfall conspiracy nuts – among them flagship German public television – immediately mobilized to point the blame on manmade CO2 emissions.

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Climate Matters

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

When you work in broadcasting, you are forced to think ahead. What to air, what to produce, what to acquire. With that in mind, I caught sight of this message on a white board in one of the offices here recently.

You have been warned.