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The public transport networks in Belgium are divided between three regions: Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels. Looking at the map, we’ll found Netherlands on the north, on southern France, Germany and Luxembourg on the east and on the west cost we can enjoy the cold North Sea. 672 more words


Belgium & the Netherlands - May 2015

I took too many pictures while in the Netherlands
From now on five pictures every day in order to catch up !

My last walk in Den Haag… 48 more words


Does raising fares really improve train services?

A letter to the Straits Times has been going viral over social media and socio-political websites after a reader wrote it to suggest that train fares be raised to improve reliability of SMRT’s train services. 290 more words


Commuter Frustration #1 - People who don't move down inside the cars

It’s rush hour, and a busy carriage, and there’s space inside the train, but people don’t always want to move down inside the car because it’s harder to get off.

Public Transport

This Changes Everything - public services

But, at the same time, the economic battles the movements did win are the reason we still have a few institutions left – from libraries to mass transit to public hospitals – based on the wild idea that real equality means equal access to the basic services that create a dignified life. 7 more words


Happily the Worst

Once upon a time there was a girl who, despite being the most organised of people, was decidedly bad at public transport. 250 more words