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A Thursday

She’s laughing at an in-joke with herself about everyone on board;
She’s engrossed in her book;
He has his headphones in, openly staring at each commuter in turn; 58 more words


Obituary of My Nostrils

Interesting fact for you: 85% of people breathe through only one of their nostrils (I Googled it, therefore it must be fact). This however doesn’t reduce the risk of death by stench. 746 more words

Bus duginih boja u gradskom prevozu Londona

Londonski gradski prevoznik, Transport za London (Transport for London – TfL) predstavio je dabl-deker bus duginih boja u znak proslave desete godišnjice OUTbound-a, LGBT mreže TfL-a. 147 more words


Back home again

Many eerie experiences. Heading off for a ‘keeping fit’ bike ride when students in school uniforms are making for the train station. Familiar faces that would be part of my own morning train commute. 617 more words


Public transport woes ongoing for some

By: Leah Balbin

ICLEI Oceania has developed a Mobility Choices program that it hopes will promote cost-effective alternatives to cars.

The Mobility Choices program works with local governments to help improve mobility and reduce car dependency. 346 more words

Events: Planning to Fail


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Couldn't have said it better myself. Several of us have petitioned the WCC and GWRC long and hard to release the Real Time Data for buses so we can build custom applications to allow a better public transport experience. NZBus has flatly refused to do this as they see that data as commercially valuable. The signs have been outed a number of times now as not displaying Real Time information. It is scheduled information only.