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Comforting anonymity

How public buses can act as private spaces

Lately, I have been talking about very “private” things openly in public spaces like the bus.

I spoke about my recent mental health endeavours to friends on the bus on two separate occasions. 392 more words

Through My Senses

What's in a name, Spoon River?

Even a quick perusal of the titles of the 243 epitaphs of ‘Spoon River Anthology’ reveals a staggering male bias. Just from the titles alone, without reading the underlying poems, there are a whopping 187 poems readily identifiable as ‘male’. 1,052 more words

Spoon River Anthology

Public VS Private - Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Public vs Private – Jekyll and Hyde

Chapter One

In ‘The Story of the Door’, both Utterson and Enfield are very reserved in their discourse. The characters are all living their accustomed private lives and seem content with their situation. 725 more words

Work Place Expectations - The Transition from Private to Public

I have been in my current position in the Department of Information and Communications Technology – Mindanao Cluster 1 for three months now and the transition to working for a private firm to the public sector has had its fair share of challenges and triumphs. 687 more words


Queer in Public vs. Queer in Private

I’m thinking a bit about how queers experience space differently, and I notice that so many of my experiences of being queer are intricately linked with the dichotomy of public vs. 431 more words


Is Big Government Conservative?

A friend of mine recently confessed that as a conservative, it was “hard to be against big government when you’re living in a big government country where said big government actually works really well.” Indeed, it is hard to fight against something that functions smoothly and provides you with the things you need. 895 more words

The Common Good