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The Confederate Flag Fiasco, and Why it's a Win For Collectivist Authoritarianism

Ignoring the usual specious messages concerning the Confederate battle flag, let’s look at this another way.

Since ostensibly our government is a representative one, we can make the claim that public property–the government land subsidized by the citizens–is property belonging to the PUBLIC (setting aside for the moment the fact that collectively-owned property is an impossibility, which makes the whole argument about what should or shouldn’t be displayed upon it thus irrelevant). 612 more words


California 'automatic IRA' study part of big trend

A quest to help workers save for retirement begun by Senate President Pro Tempore Kevin de Leon, D-Los Angeles, seven years ago may finally have entered the home stretch of a long journey. 1,088 more words

Public Vs. Private

Does this Need a Title?

As I write this piece, I am consumed with just one emotion and that’s anger bubbling away. I feel the heat rising through to my neck — an emotion I’m typically succumbed to in an extreme situation. 1,028 more words

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Bussed a Move

This morning as I woke up and was scanning the news, I picked up on a particularly interesting article concerning a start-up in San Francisco called… 1,304 more words


Does technology play a role in jobs?

This post will be closely related to my last, primary focused on the communities and networks of the internet.

“The greater social distance between A and her acquaintance D knows more things that A doesn’t know” 372 more words

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