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Hey Alberta, Want to Hear a Story?

I would like to take a few minutes to tell you a story about Alberta’s Premier, Rachel Nutley, and how she decided to save some money.   1,147 more words


Bills would force public workers to wait longer to retire, change payout

MADISON — Republican lawmakers in Madison are considering raising the minimum retirement age for public workers and changing their payouts, leading to objections from unions. 357 more words


"It Ain't Over Yet, There's A Whole New Inquiry": Christie’s Administration Is Facing Another Investigation

If after last week’s Bridgegate indictments you thought Chris Christie was finally done as the focus of government investigations, think again. The Republican governor’s administration in New Jersey is facing a whole new inquiry — this one involving hundreds of millions of dollars, and not just blocked-off bridge lanes. 586 more words


2 public employees arrested on tax evasion charges

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — An investigation by the Internal Revenue Service into the alleged failure by public employees to pay taxes has led to two arrests. 126 more words


Study commission report on pension and benefits expected tomorrow

A much-anticipated report from the commission convened by Gov. Chris Christie to study and propose solutions for funding the state’s broken pension and benefit system is expected out tomorrow, just in time for the Republican incumbent’s annual budget address for the coming fiscal year. 194 more words

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How China Deals With Deflation: A 60% Pay Raise For 39 Million Public Workers

Source:  zerohedge

While the rest of the developed world, flooded with re-exported deflation as a result of now ubiquitous money printing, scrambles to print even more… 121 more words

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Boston's ban on anti-Olympics talk is unproductive

If you work for the City of Boston and you’re not 100% keen on the idea of the city hosting the 2024 Olympic games—think of the crowds! 719 more words