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Old Words, New Design Publication Design 

Old Words, New Design is a design book features “HUA! New Huaren Design Movement” started by young Taiwanese designer Sharon Y. 40 more words

Graphic Design


This tutorial was created by Andrei Marius.

I think that I am starting to get a hang of illustrator. This was a really interesting project because every time I thought that I was doing really good, I would get stuck and realize that I messed up on step a while back and then would have to redo all of it so then I was put back onto the right track. 51 more words

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Calculator App

This project was really fun because I wasn’t changing photos, I was making my own app icon. Although I am pretty slow at understanding how to use the computer techniques, I was soon able to get a hang of a few of the tools. 87 more words

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Piggy Bank

So I was given the choice of either making a compass or a piggy bank. At first I wanted to do the compass because It looked kind of like a tattoo a hipster would get but I wound up dong the piggy bank because it was the easiest and I think it’s really cool how you can use blending modes, layers and opacity to create a 3D shiny looking object like I did with the calculator app. 136 more words

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Fish Bowl

In this project I started off with the creation of the bowl shape. It took me a couple of try’s to get to the bowl shape that I have in the photo (maybe more than a couple of try’s).  117 more words

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Old Man

I used this website to reference the old man


But I customized it and made modifications of my own. I’ve been binge watching ‘Theat ’70s Show’ on Netflix recently and it got me thinking… alot of people who are young adults during Woodstock are Elderly people right now, So I decided to make the old man a hippy. 312 more words

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App Icon

For this assignment I created a logo for a finance type company.  How I created the calculator was I used a rounded rectangle tool and made it bevel, so I looks 3D. 426 more words

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