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I got word today that a short story of mine, “Fair People,” has been accepted for publication in Ginosko Literary Journal! “Fair People” is like 5000 words long and therefore probably the longest short story I’ve written before, and I honestly wasn’t expecting anybody to want it, so it made me really surprised and happy to find a home for it with Ginosko. 80 more words


The "Bloodbath" Commences At Liberal Mainstream Media Publications

Source: All News Pipelineby Susan Duclos

What do the NYT, Huffington Post, ESPN, Guardian, NBC, Vocativ, Time, and NBC have in common? Two things actually: 1) They are liberal publications, and; 2) They are all laying off workers, offering buy-outs or “restructuring” or moving assets from print copy to digital, or whatever “excuse” they are offering for the “bloodbath” being seen across the board. 694 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

Field Proposal

“What we have today is a view of knowledge as collections of (verbal and visual) ideas that can arrange themselves into a kaleidoscope of hierarchical and associative patterns-each pattern meeting the needs of one class of readers on one occasion” (Bolter, 91). 4,004 more words

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Untitled Poem

For every grain of sand I am grateful but more so for the little lives.
For the seconds of sorrow, for the hints of joy and for the mist that was the coming days. 380 more words

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Finding a Work-School-Life Balance

Let me tell you of the day I almost died… well, not really… almost… there was just a lot of work. Three grad classes, two jobs, problems in family finances… and so on, and so on. 525 more words

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Abstract for Research

The following study will aim to explore how an international student’s well-developed literary personality can create difficulties in their academic writing enculturation in the United States. 212 more words

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