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Brillante campaña para sensibilizar lo mucho que apoyan las mujeres, trucho o no, es una pieza muy bien ejecutada, disfrútenla:


Big advertising agencies under investigation by Department of Justice

The investigation into price fixing at major ad agencies just got bigger with the number of agencies publicly announcing they have been contacted by the Department of Justice. 152 more words


This Sappy Christmas Love Story Suddenly Veers Hilariously Off Course

Here’s a very special love-at-first-sight Christmas campaign from Belgian cellular company Mobistar.

Two spots, brought to you by Publicis in Brussels, tell the same story from different perspectives—one his, one hers. 281 more words

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Goodbye & thanks Publicis, hello Spotify!

Give or take 20 years ago I started at Zenith Media and with the exception of two years the Publicis Groupe is where I stayed. Through the intervening years I am pretty sure I set a record in the number of companies I worked for and in. 893 more words


Benicio del Toro Shows How to Act Like You Love Crappy Gifts in Heineken's Holiday Ad

Nothing says “family” like pretending to love the terrible gifts your relatives have gotten you for the holidays.

That, at least, is the basic premise of a new 30-second Christmas ad from Heineken starring Benicio del Toro, and emphasizing that Heineken is, technically speaking, a family-owned business. 265 more words

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This 'Rogue One' Ad Will Have You Bawling in Your Stormtrooper Helmet

Some of the cross-promotions for the new “Rogue One: A Star Wars Tale” have been quite heartfelt, such as one ad from Duracell and Anomaly that depicted how a band of little rebels saved a sick girl’s Christmas Day. 257 more words

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