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Why it's not cool to be a scientist.

I have alluded in a few of my other posts to my frustration with science as a discipline. Usually when I explain my job to people, the reaction is: “wow, that must be so cool!” And 90% of the time, I would agree, but…like I suspect is the case with a lot of jobs, being a scientist is one of those things that looks hella cool from the outside but has a hidden darkness under the surface. 1,114 more words


A Lack of Thought

I recently got a smartphone. My first ever smartphone. As a mid-range millennial, that may be a shock to some people. We’re all supposed to be hyper-connected social media addicts. 1,036 more words


Unsolicited Advice for Writing a Research Article for a Journal

Writing research articles for peer-reviewed journals requires practice, patience, and persistence.  I am by no means a prolific scholar but I worked with one who was amazing (the late Dr. 2,190 more words


Predatory journals recruit fake editor

By Piotr Sorokowski, Emanuel Kulczycki, Agnieszka Sorokowska & Katarzyna Pisanski on 22 March 2017.

An investigation finds that dozens of academic titles offered ‘Dr Fraud’ — a sham, unqualified scientist — a place on their editorial board. 8 more words


‘Publish or perish’ je izraz kojim se objašnjava kovanica u akademskim krugovima kada je u pitanju neprestano objavljivanje naučnih ili stručnih radova, odnosno radova uopšte. Najgrublji prevod izraza bi bio – ili objavi ili te nema. 607 more words

Slowing down

I recently had a (teary) conversation with a mentor about my dissertation. I’ve done a lot of research, much of which I’m not even planning to include in my dissertation, but I know (and my dissertation committee said) that my dissertation could use more depth. 528 more words