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How Fast Is Digital Publisher Revenue Growing? Not As Fast As You Think

The recent struggles of online publishing are widely discussed. Despite many success stories and significant growth, the outlook in the media world seems to be doom and gloom, with plateauing audiences and scarce revenue.

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Science & Tech

A Dual Process Theory of Autism

Recently, my colleagues and I successfully published a paper which attempted to explore how models of dual process reasoning are associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders. One of these studies is an alternate version of a chapter in my current PhD thesis. 158 more words

Another paper

Our already long list of papers devoted to the analysis of a replicator equation became longer with a new paper by Alexander Bratus, Volodya Posvyanskii and myself, “Solutions with a bounded support promote permanence of a distributed replicator equation,” which I… 190 more words

Evolutionary Theory

Eigen quasispecies model and isometry groups

Quite some time ago Yura Semenov and I uploaded yet another paper on the quasispecies theory (this is a continuation of this research), here is an… 2,057 more words

Bad review? Don't give up!

Peer review of scientific publications is an essential part of any academics life. It is the process in which (after having worked for months (or years) to plan a study, collect data, analyse it and write an article/paper) you submit your work to a scientific journal where it is reviewed by 2-3 reviewers who are experts in your area of research (ideally). 459 more words


What counts (and when)?

At my previous institution, a few peer-reviewed publications and evidence of continued “scholarly activity” (such as conference presentations) were enough for tenure. These publications could be on any topic in any publication as long as it was peer-reviewed. 357 more words

Memoirs Of A SLACer

Publishing your work – how to choose a journal

At the start of your research career, you may have more questions than answers about how and where to publish. We wrote recently about publishing your first paper… 729 more words

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