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Summary of June 24, 2017 Meeting

Another great meeting, thanks to a fine speaker and an enthusiastic audience. More than fifty people came to hear Jeri Westerson talk about how to do historical research. 702 more words


Locality of our Mind

“Seclusion may lead to suffering and suffering will lead you to the dark side…”

Ya so there you go with a Star Wars opening, and here we go with this eye opening post! 140 more words


Preparing a Book Cover for Online Publishing

Have you noticed that paperback book covers are pretty slick? Eye-catching artwork, fancy fonts, lots of color and depth? Yeah, that’s because someone paid a lot of money to have their cover professionally done by a graphic artist specializing in book covers. 919 more words

Don’t resent yourself,

Choose your happiness,

Others may not like it—

But you are you,

You may change your face

Even your name,

You are still ‘you’, …

14 more words

Turning journals into a memoir

First I typed up every single entry from 12 years of team weekends, intensive days, team BBQs, and beach missions.

Then I took those journal entries and turned them into chapters for a memoir about beach mission. 56 more words



“Who, being loved, is poor?” Oscar Wilde

Nomzi Kumalo

Is this a poem?! - A whole new world of side projects

Hey there guys, another post whipping its way to you that is once again all about writing projects that aren’t your main focus.

If, like me, your primary writing goal is to finish a novel and get it published, you may also find your mind wandering with new wonderful ideas for completely different stories and worlds. 568 more words