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Captivating Covers [#14]

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Hello my lovelies & welcome to another Captivating Covers!! A good amount of time has passed since I’ve posted this meme, so here it is today! 383 more words


Chapter Four - Page 2

Finding the Way

Quinn and Orlan laughed together. They slowly continued their way across the scorched field.

“I doubt you would be able to take care of anything much larger than your pet at home.” Quinn finally answered. 451 more words


Amazon cracks down on quality of content

Amazon cracks down on quality of content

As of February 3rd all eBooks offered for Amazon Kindle that have been reported to include typos, formatting issues, or other mistakes that lead to a poor reader experience will be removed from Amazon until the mistakes in question have been fixed. 99 more words

Chapter Four - Page 1

Finding the Way

Quinn and Orlan made their way along little traveled roads for several days. Many times they found themselves walking off of the road through the thick underbrush of the forest. 457 more words


Welcome to Midnight Ramblings of a Writer on the Edge!

Welcome! I’m new to this thing called a blog, but never fear, my fellow readers. I’m looking forward to figuring it all out. As someone with a lifelong passion for writing, I suppose I should be embarrassed at missing the boat on something so perfectly designed for writers, but if I took time to wallow in the shame of it all, then I wouldn’t have time to write, would I? 631 more words


Keepin' It Real Over Here

So, in my new found journey and search on how to best go about publishing this children’s book series, I get a call from a POD publishing agent.   255 more words