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You all still suck at tagging

As much as I browse WordPress if I don’t see your posts at least once during the day there is an issue. Most of you still suck at tagging. 112 more words


WordPress Meet and Greet - All Bloggers Welcome

Well this is the third post I have done like this so far and I have seen some great connections. I’ll keep doing these off and on and I think they provide a great way for “active bloggers” to network. 125 more words


Guerilla Open Access Manifesto - Free Our Information

After Netflix updated their catalogue yesterday to include The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz, the first thing I did this morning was put it on and watch in sheer admiration. 637 more words


Hollow girl

My mind is a hole so hollow
Since you seize my land unconsciously
My eyes blur with salty tears
Covered by the thick mist near…

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The conflagnation burnt up high
It arouses my curiosity from deep inside
This must happen in nightsmare

© Maylian Leo, 2015


Welcome to August!!! A Relaxing, Peaceful & Joyous Month Awaits!!!

Welcome to August on Mother Nature!!! With this month being set to be the most relaxing month, despite the scorching hot weather that will be impacting the UK soon, it’s safe to say that this month will be full of joy and relaxation, given just how lovely the weather has been so far. 350 more words

Alex Smithson