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Good vs Bad

There is so much for store in our lives. Things in the future we never thought would happen to us. Good and bad things!

Have you ever just sat and thought of the bad things that will eventually happen? 128 more words


Indian Treat in Charleston

It’s really a misnomer. It’s not so much a dish for the Charleston tables as a feast for the South Carolina music world. Vaibhav, now 16, hit the headlines with his music compositions. 412 more words

The Movie of Your Mind

Reading is playing a movie in your mind,
Writing provides the scenes, actors and directing,
Publishing produces the movie and
The book itself is your TV set.


Kindle Singles and the Future of the Novella

I like novellas, and I really hate that they get a bad wrap. Just because something is short and to-the-point doesn’t make it any less complex or interesting. 458 more words

Writing, Editing, & Publishing

The Unorthodox Writer

I have always been told I am doing things wrong. I hold the pen wrong, I am not using the right brush stroke, my piano technique was always off… it became the norm. 334 more words


Book Printing for Self-Publishers Allows Authors to Publish Their Own Work Easily and Economically

Digital book printing in Newton, MA has provided a way to produce the quantity of books you need at high quality. It puts your own book into publication without having to worry about the cost of production or about the quantity of books you want to print.

The process of publishing your science

After having worked on and off on a research project for five years, it’s finally time for me to put together all the data into an article and get it published. 359 more words