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Did you know that Bahrain and Gujarat share a relationship that harks back to the Indus civilization?

Lothal, in Gujarat, and Bahrain were both important trading ports, in centuries gone by. And coins from Lothal have been excavated in present-day Bahrain. We also share a history when it comes to traditional arts and crafts. 23 more words


Because our metros are noisy!

Every now and then I write a city based feature. Here’s one on noise pollution. As I was writing it, I was shocked by the stories I heard. 31 more words

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Mumbai, are we ready to segregate and compost?

While I concentrate on travel features, I also write on several other topics. Here’s my piece, that printed in The Hindu (Mumbai edition), on a pressing issue in aamchi Mumbai (and other Indian metros): waste segregation. 36 more words

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Into the Wild

I haven’t logged into the blog in a very long time. Thankfully, during this time, I’ve had several articles printed in magazines, online and in newspapers. 76 more words


Afropunk: A Growing Genre with a Purpose

*Originally posted on 6/8 Records Blog on 8/2/17*

In light of the 12th annual Afropunk Festival coming up August 26-27 in Brooklyn, NY, the genre of Afropunk has been buzzing lately. 266 more words

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The Evolution of Frank Ocean

*Originally published on Verge Campus Website*

Frank Ocean is one of the most influential artists of the last 10 years.

In the age of modern music, Frank Ocean definitely clears a divergent, unique path of his own. 489 more words

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Feminist Punk: A Brief Retrospective

*Originally published on 6/8 Records Blog*

For nearly 50 years, feminist punk has been a prevalent genre in which women and men alike can use their music as a platform to speak out against the polarization between genders in society. 752 more words

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