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Royal Beauty Secrets


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Radha Prathi, Aug 01, 2015:


Radha Prathi narrates tales of beauty – of princesses and maids, describing how you too can have a regal glow by adhering to certain simple, yet effective natural skincare regimens… 1,112 more words

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Us Versus Them: Biodiversity

Human population growth and biodiversity.

For a very long time, we assumed we wouldn’t ever have to slow down progress; now, we know that’s not the case. 505 more words

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Even God Helps Only Those Who Help Themselves

29th July 2015, S Radha Prathi

When one walks along the long journey of life, it becomes apparent that we cannot be in control of our lives all the time. 402 more words

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A hidden threat

The year 2015 has been a term full of new amendments. In particular, those that have been lavishly bestowed upon our environment and wildlife – swift, double backing, overhauling changes, unsparing in approach, and providing band-aid solutions for persisting problems. 1,105 more words

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EsP Acting Department Head dubbed as “Best Demonstrator” by Melvin B. Tinio

     Last June 12 to 14, 2015, an International Seminar on Blended Learning as Applied in the Classroom was held at Pinnacle Hotel at Santa Ana Avenue, Davao City. 111 more words

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More Than Language, Culture

How language prevents us from communicating.

One of the major issues one may stumble upon on the quest for learning a new language is, perhaps, putting ideas into words. 852 more words

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New set of EsP Club Officers elected by Melvin B. Tinio

     Last July 15, 2014, the EsP Department of Crossing Bayabas National High School converged at the Computer Laboratory at around 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon. One of the agendum was to elect leaders who will be the support arms of the department. 232 more words

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