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Go Ahead and Cry

Originally published October 16, 2017 on the Bridging the Gap Blog.

You’re not alone. You. There. In that lonely space, trying to keep the tears inside and a whimper behind your lips.  709 more words

The Afghan Taliban's Nuclear Umbrella

This article was originally published by Inkstick Media on October 23, 2017.  Many thanks to Laicie Heeley for the opportunity to publish with Inkstick Media! 1,486 more words

National Security

New Article on Beat Memoir

“What do you suppose happened to all the beatniks?” mused a blonde freshman as she drove me back to San Francisco after my reading in Berkeley last year. 68 more words


Pursuing Pingyao

In the ancient city of Pingyao, a UNESCO site in China‘s Shanxi province, fellow Canadian travel writer Hillary Duff and I went off the beaten path to pursue the… 139 more words


5 U.S. towns for fall culinary travel

I’ve been on press trips to a number of great small American towns recently (and I’m about to depart for another, Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin), and enjoyed some really fantastic food. 112 more words


New rules create house-sitting opportunities in Vancouver

Canada’s most expensive city to live in — Vancouver — is also very popular for tourists. One way to make visiting this expensive city easier is… 108 more words


The best waterpark in the world

As a child-free 47-year-old Canadian, I can’t say I think about waterparks a whole lot. But I’ve been missing out. Since my late 20s, the last time I visited a waterslide other than at a hotel pool, water parks have changed. 317 more words