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Don't Be a Square: Say No to Instagram FOMO

Originally published by Keep it Wild.

Last week, I went hiking after work on a trail close to my office. It was a beautiful evening: the grasses were at that beautiful stage of green before they turn summer-brown, the sun bathed the red rocks in golden light, the birds were chirping and the air smelled like things growing. 199 more words

Adventure Inspiration

The 2014 shooting at Ottawa's Parliament: Strangely Familiar

Here, belatedly, is my article for Gumshoe News, arising out of the research for the podcast I recently did on the 2014 Ottawa shootings. Enjoy.

International Reporting

Sustainable tourism: Easy ways to be a responsible tourist

Curious about sustainable tourism? I’m thrilled that I got to write about it for USA Today: What is the meaning of sustainable tourism?

It’s not tough to be a responsible tourist, it just means being aware of how your actions affect the people who live in the place you’re visiting.¬† 84 more words


Grief: There Are No Rules

His lower lip plumps outward as he stares intently at the lego pieces. My almost-three-year-old is focusing all of his might to get the red piece to stick onto the black one. 1,038 more words

Travel tech advice

Through my last five years of travel, I’ve learned a lot about travel tech. I’ve clear¬†views on what I consider essential and what I no longer bother bringing with me. 261 more words


They don't Play Fair in Silicon Valley

The competition between different social media outlets is perhaps one of the most intense battles of the 21st century. Today, if anything has the potential for world domination it is probably something that was born in Silicon Valley that bares the guise of a social media company. 1,133 more words

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