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Socially-conscious Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap — the gateway to Angkor — is one of my favourite places. Cambodians are wonderful people and the town buzzes with energy. (You need to stay away from Pub Street though, it is everything I hate in a tourist town). 126 more words


Suspending disbelief in Shanxi, China

I’m not sure which is more unbelievable: that this temple would be built in the first place, that it still exists a millennium and a half later, or that tourists are allowed on to the rickety-looking structure at all, let alone so many at once.   108 more words


Cruising Galápagos (for Canadian World Traveller)

The Galápagos islands, in Ecuador, are incredible, and everyone needs to try to get there once in there lifetime if they can (but, as I explain here,  60 more words


The Reasons Behind The Chinese League's Huge Spending

Unless you have been living a rock you might have notice the influx of huge profile players that have been joining the Chinese Super League in the last month. 435 more words

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Aston Villa Accept Relgation Is Inevitable With Lack of Transfer Activity

Aston Villa can’t buy a win for love nor money and this is make increasing difficult when the board don’t offer any funds in the transfer window. 393 more words

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Predator or prey? Choosing sides whilst on safari (for Canadian World Traveller)

“Watch out, eland!” I say it quietly. I don’t want to scare the already skittish antelope any further.

Want to know what happens next?

My story, for Canadian World Traveller, about my… 55 more words


Why we need to put an end to football club syndicates

Football is a business and the aim of every business is to make money. Football is, however, unique in the sense that not every club makes money. 484 more words

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