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Destiny by Choice

Okay so attempt “one million and one” – here we go. About a week ago I spent 3 intense days at a personal mastery seminar with an outstanding group of people. 392 more words

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6 Great Bourbons That Might Surprise You

High rye bourbon is something a little different – bourbon with an unusually high percentage of rye to give it a little extra kick. I wrote about some great high rye choices for Liquor.com here.

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An Omnipresent Past: Reflections on Urban Encroachment and Egypt's Cultural Heritage

This was my first published piece in AUCTimes in October 2014. It was again published, in August 2015, in Egyptian Streets.

The interlacing, patterned motifs that adorn walls of smooth, dust ridden stone of a centuries-old structure –a mosque to be precise –stand adjacent to a small vintage shop as witnesses to the changes brought about by nothing but the progression of life itself.

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Holloman to play on high school football’s biggest stage

It’s no secret that Jeremiah “JJ” Holloman is one of the best players on the Newton High School football team. It is also no secret that he has been the subject of major recruiting news, with college football powerhouses like Georgia, Tennessee, Auburn, Alabama and many more currently knocking at his doorstep. 36 more words

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Three Poems from wren james

grandma’s house

folded palms dance
on the hood of the car. drive
up to the attic and pull out
the sun, drag it out of the household it like a host. 214 more words

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They dream, she writes. 

Teenagers sat in stoic rows with willing adherence to classroom norms. Faces held the weathering of late nights, deep stories, eager learning, and self-becoming. I sprung from my swiveling chair after punching in attendance across the flickering monitor. 330 more words


Why I Love Traveling Solo In Vietnam

“It feels nothing like home and that’s why I love it.”

I’ve traveled solo through Vietnam twice. The first time I learned about stranger danger… 41 more words