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Cafe Culture: Cafe Du Monde

Special Advertising Section for the Toronto Globe & Mail (online)

The Cafe du Monde has occupied the same spot in New Orleans’ historic French Market since 1862, and not a whole lot has changed in its 150-year history. 908 more words

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Transportation Ignores the People … Higher Taxes, Now? … Really??

This article first appeared in California Political Review on 7/2/20.

Hey, are you aware of the half-cent sales tax increase proposed for Sacramento County on the November ballot to raise $8.4 billion over the next forty years for transportation purposes? 1,721 more words


Impeachment’s rock stars: Powerful women

One striking aspect of the impeachment hearings is the way they’ve showcased the experience and intellect of professional women. Regardless of the political outcome, women’s advocates say that’s significant.    54 more words

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The Phlebotomist is up on NetGalley!

If you are a reviewer, book blogger, booktuber, bookstagrammer, bookseller, etc., you can now request THE PHLEBOTOMIST through NetGalley.

“Another reason why I loved this book is it’s nothing quite like anything I’ve read before, a medical dystopian mixed with a sci-fi element that felt scarily plausible on so many levels…Overall, a fantastic novel written to create a terrifyingly tense literary adventure, with chapters flowing easily into one another and just intoxicating the reader with futuristic technology, biological hacking and an array of other adrenaline pumping elements, The Phlebotomist is a dark, twisted debut you’re really not going to want to miss!” – NetGalley review by Danielle L.

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How do ocean and atmospheric heat transports affect sea-ice extent?

Email: j.r.aylmer@pgr.reading.ac.uk

Downward trends in Arctic sea-ice extent in recent decades are a striking signal of our warming planet. Loss of sea ice has major implications for future climate because it strongly influences the Earth’s energy budget and plays a dynamic role in the atmosphere and ocean circulation. 732 more words

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where will we be working after coronavirus?

Published in Property Week, June ’20. Pic: Santander’s proposed campus office in Milton Keynes, designed by LOM.

As we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic, it is becoming clear that while lockdowns may ease and scary lines on graphs fall, life will never be quite the same. 1,742 more words

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Your teenage reading will haunt you forever

Writers are always told to read as widely as they can. As a teenager, I devoured books, but thinking back to my endless free time and zippy neurons, I sometimes wish I’d drawn a line. 1,164 more words

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