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The Movie of Your Mind

Reading is playing a movie in your mind,
Writing provides the scenes, actors and directing,
Publishing produces the movie and
The book itself is your TV set.


Today March 2nd, is a day most jazz lovers consider holy...

Today March 2nd, is a day most jazz lovers consider holy. That is because on this day in 1959, the best selling jazz album of all-times was recorded. 214 more words


Making Sacred 3 March 2015

I read the other day that sacrifice means to make something holy or sacred. I’ve been trying to keep a “thankful” journal on a daily basis. 192 more words

Spotlight: Crosshair Press

It’s with great delight we welcome the team at Crosshair Press to the mic. I (Rebekah) had the privilege of meeting two of their team members, … 1,393 more words

Katie Morford

Surfing for Sizzle...

Headpress — fine books… for feral people……

Killers for Culture — the band of the book… and the book of the band of the book……


Blogs Are the Future According to Flagpole Publisher

Blogs may be the future of reporting as print news continues to suffer financially due to struggles to find effective online advertising methods, said Pete McCommons, publisher at the Flagpole Magazine. 112 more words


Bebop Babies

A couple of days ago while watching television, I saw a young couple preparing for the birth of their first child. One of their daily rituals was placing a stereo speaker over the women’s abdomen and playing classical music. 330 more words