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Sunday Mockery: Passive Aggressive edition

This is the first Sunday Mockery feature-ee that I’m sharing out of admiration. See, on Twitter (and other social media), a lot of people will make these passive-aggressive pleas for retweets: “RT if you support our military!” “RT if you love Jesus!” “RT if you don’t believe in killing babies for sport!” — with the implication that if you decline to artificially boost their social media stats, then you are a Bad Person who Does Not/Does sufficiently like a Thing that is Good/Evil.  290 more words


Hope springs eternal

This isn’t my Powerball ticket, but it’s showing someone who bought 5 tickets to try to win, like I did. My husband started telling me things he like if we won. 73 more words

Grin For The Day

When You Give Your Parents a Computer...

They will crash it.

Two years ago, I signed up for a Capital One card where I could earn miles on purchases just so I could buy a Macbook Pro. 231 more words


Think you won a prize from a sweepstakes you never entered? Think again!

It’s one of the most common scams we hear about at Your BBB: Someone is told—by mail, phone or email—that they’ve won a big prize in a contest they never entered, but in order to collect the prize, they first have to pay some kind of tax or fee. 481 more words


WWII vet's widow loses 'everything' to scam


Alison Morrow, KING 5 News10:55 p.m. PST November 14, 2014

SEATTLE — The letter promised millions, claiming a Publishers Clearing House winner, and was sealed with Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s misspelled name. 353 more words

Bring on the prize patrol

I have to tell you…I really want someone to come to my door with a huge check.

Yes, a giant check…and balloons…sticking a microphone in my face.  141 more words


Public warned about phone scam with false prize claim

Hawaii Island police are warning the public about a telephone scam from a caller claiming to be from Publishers Clearing House.

A 65-year-old Hilo man was told that he had won a car and millions of dollars and that all he needed to do to claim his prize was to purchase $1,000 in CVS gift cards and provide the card numbers from the back of the cards. 36 more words