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Dauphin County woman loses entire life savings over scam

It’s not luck… Central Pennsylvanians work hard to earn a living. But, imagine losing your entire life savings after you thought you did get lucky and won a big prize. 234 more words


“In it to Win it” post script

I am slowly being tortured into submission by the Publishers Clearing House.  The daily bombardment of solicitations makes Facebook look lame.  It is a veritable avalanche.  297 more words

Centennial Woman Nearly Duped By Scam Using Publishers Clearing House Name

CENTENNIAL, Colo. (CBS4) – It was a family’s dream come true — a million dollars from Publishers Clearing House. It was money they badly needed, but giving money away to win it raised some red flags. 280 more words


I’m In It to Win It

I have a confession to make. I have entered the Publisher’s Clearing House giveaway. It’s a tortuous process designed to eliminate anyone whose patience is already frayed from being on hold for hours waiting for a human voice, being stuck in traffic at rush hour due to “planning” by the government, and being over 50 and trying to demystify social media and electronic devices. 366 more words

What I Would Do If I Won Millions In The Lottery

Like countless others who are not named Bill Gates or Warren Buffett (or even Oprah Winfrey), being someone who is quite far from rich, I have thought about this a great deal. 763 more words

What If The Mystery Knocker On Colin Hay's Door Was Publishers Clearing House?

In the spring of 1981, members of the Australian rock band Men at Work were holed up in a house recording a song they hoped would become a #1 hit. 1,057 more words


Sunday Mockery: Passive Aggressive edition

This is the first Sunday Mockery feature-ee that I’m sharing out of admiration. See, on Twitter (and other social media), a lot of people will make these passive-aggressive pleas for retweets: “RT if you support our military!” “RT if you love Jesus!” “RT if you don’t believe in killing babies for sport!” — with the implication that if you decline to artificially boost their social media stats, then you are a Bad Person who Does Not/Does sufficiently like a Thing that is Good/Evil.  290 more words