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Quality vs. Quantity

Do the Top Five Publishers Increase Quality?

In my last post, I raised some questions about the financial repercussions of a partnership between publishers and the subscription sites, Oyster and Scribd. 931 more words


Exploitation of Reading Data

The Author Is Watching You Read

Esubscriptions Reading Data

While the subscription model is quite popular with consumers, there is also a very unique kickback for publishers and their authors who sign on with Oyster and Scribd: consumer analytics, or more explicitly, the exploitation of reading data. 1,110 more words


A Dreadful Year for Publishers? NOT!

A funny thing happened on the way to the new publishing industry maturing and understanding — All the publishing doomsday forecasters and naysayers have been proven wrong due to unforeseen fallouts resulting from the onslaught of digital and tech changes redefining the old traditional publishing (TP) business models. 308 more words

John R. Austin

A New Way of Dealing with a Changing Publishing World

Whenever technology has been embraced in the past by the international community it has resulted in the world getting almost immediately smaller and closer together — little by little. 255 more words

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The Publishing Industry Will Never Be The Same - What Say We Make It Better! - Or Seeking Literature's True Business

Excellent idea! And one also fostered by +Jon Evans — an author (whose novels have been praised by The Times, The Economist and Washington Post), journalist, software engineer and TechCrunch weekly columnist — whom I recently discovered and, must say, admire. 625 more words

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Turning the Publishing Industry on its Head

Today, a good book publishing/marketing/funding model is to make books for your readers versus trying to find readers for your books.

Now, think about this for a moment — Where have you heard this, or something similar, before? 644 more words

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A New Publishing Model --- Result of the E-Book Revolution

Interested in a new publishing model? One that will give you advance indications of quality and interest? With the avalanche of new, available, digital material out there — one can get confused as to which to invest time and money in. 545 more words

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