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Target Markets

Today we talk about designing and publishing games for a particular market. Here are some of the topics/questions we cover:

  • What’s a target market?
  • Which markets are commonly considered in the board game industry?
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Two Jabbour Douaihy Novels Signed by Interlink, Other Recent Deals

Lebanon’s Raya Agency, run by Yasmina Jraissati, has had a good number of new rights sales in the recent months. Several are worth noting:

There have been multiple sales for works by Syrian writers Dima Wannous and Khaled Khalifa, Lebanese novelist Jabbour Douaihy, and Iraqi novelist and poet Sinan Antoon. 287 more words

Publishing Business

Q&A with Edgar Winner Steven Womack: The Return of Harry James Denton

Almost every time I go to a book signing or festival, at least one person says to me, “You know who I like? That guy who wrote about that Nashville PI, Harry James Denton.” 1,576 more words


Why Are So Many Licensed Games So Bad?

Today we discuss licensed games and the specific challenges associated with making a game from them. If you are granted the rights to make a card game based in the Star Wars universe, how do you make a game around it? 111 more words


Traditional Publishing Vs Self-Publishing

Writing has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years and continues to do so by each and every passing day. With the demand of books from across the world growing exponentially, the competition among publishing houses is growing by the day. 828 more words


Matching Art to Your Game

How do you find the right artist for the style of game you’re making? Commence discussion! Topics:

  • Finding artists to fit your target market.
  • Identifying market segments.
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