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The Write Way Publishing House {I'm a Business, Man}

Okay so last we talked about book business, it was established that it can be dicey and that the rules were set up to make it difficult to self-publish. 365 more words

Writing Life

Knowledge is power

I recently spoke with another writer who is deeply involved with the publishing/marketing industry. One of the topics we touched on had to do with the trend… 339 more words

Buying a new book isn't so easy...

I find it terribly frustrating that so many books that I wish to read are never released as eBooks.
I’ve just been notified, via email, that one of my favourite authors has released a new book this week. 287 more words


Finding My Books A New Home

I have a lot of books on my bedside table. And on my shelf. And in my bookcases. I basically have books everywhere. Bought in second-hand shops, in bookstores, gifts, during my high school and university years I have stored them in my (and near to my) room until there was no space. 381 more words


The Right to Reach for the Stars

I was recently approached by a fellow writer who loves to write erotic romance. She expressed an interest, once the whole spit and polish is complete, in submitting to my favorite publisher Evernight Publishing. 341 more words

Random Musings

The Face of Temptation: AAR Publishing Houses

The American Academy of Religion meets together for a number of reasons: fostering interesting conversations, networking for creative collaboration, and general fellowship/scholarship. The publishing houses know what’s coming though, and boy do they lay out the banquet of temptation for us nerds. 191 more words

Publishing Our Work

Publishing cycles of chosen subjects vary so much over years, especially since so much publishing of poetry now centers in university presses.  Yes, there are major poets who do write of nature, celebrating its beauty and reflecting upon personal meaning.  970 more words

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