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The Power Politics


Antonio Gramsci, an Italian philosopher and theoretician, coined the popular term “hegemony”. Hegemony simply means the dominance/ governance of one social group over the others. This literary term can been used and perceived in many different ways. 449 more words


The third rejection is in the bag. So let’s review what I’ve done and received so far, shall we? I sent out query packages by e-mail to 10 agents in the UK. 184 more words


Big publishing houses versus small publishing houses

In one of my writing groups the coordinator said you should start at the top to submit. I agree. But it is a tough business, writing. 227 more words


shorter Amassed media

mainstream words flow for-profit
uninhibited ones
can cause small bursts of bridges to form between confused homelandian synaptic gaps



What does it take to publish a romance novel? (A Penguin Random House Luncheon in New York on 7/23/15!)

Dear Authors and Readers,

Have you ever wondered what it takes to publish a successful romance novel? I’m happy to announce that Penguin Random House is hosting a luncheon in New York on 7/23/15 to discuss that very topic! 267 more words

Database of Melbourne Publishers


Some of you might know that I’ve been working on a picture book that I’m hoping to publish. That requires finding a publisher… That is much harder than I expected. 63 more words


Five Companies Control More Than Half Of Academic Publishing

by University of Montreal

A study at the University of Montreal shows that the market share of the five largest research publishing houses reached 50% in 2006, rising, thanks to mergers and acquisitions, from 30% in 1996 and only 20% in 1973. 577 more words

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