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Community Wars

The longer I’m online and involved in the writing community, the more hate and “wars (as I call it)” I see.

I’m sure by now you’ve heard or read the article on Huffington Post. 456 more words


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To me, the debate between self publishing vs traditional publishing houses is akin to debating the Kindle vs the written word in paperback. This post by A. M Bradley created a discussion that I'd like to bring to The Writer's Block community. What are your thoughts on the various publishing options? Which do you prefer and why? What venue provides you with the most street cred as an accomplished and established author? (Post shared with permission from the author)

Traditional Publishing vs. Self-Publishing vs. Hybrid Publishing

Hello Tomodachi’s,

What are you all up to? Me? Well, you know, I am doing almost everything under the sun and still would find time to occasionally put some more things on my already quite filled plate. 491 more words


What To Ask An Indie Publisher: Finding the perfect alternative press for your unique needs

Okay, okay, so you’ve had that fine herbal tea I served up a few months back now, and it’s starting to take effect. Good, good. Things are going according to plan. 1,021 more words

All You Need is Tea and Warm Socks: Book Culture and the Indigo Takeover

If you’re a reader than you will know what I mean when I say, reading is now an activity with accessories, ambiance, and an entire market all on its own. 819 more words

Book Culture

A Guide To Publishing Etiquette

Maybe I have some sort of undiagnosed personality disorder, but one of my biggest pet peeves is writers who don’t follow the submissions guidelines for… 314 more words


Reasons Why Online Advertising is Also Valuable to Online Publishing Houses

Once upon a time, online advertising had a shady reputation. Luckily for publishers, that’s all in the past. Online advertising has become a new way of life, and a way of business. 523 more words

Das Mag vs. Bol.com

The Love-Hate Relationship between Publishers and Online Book Sales

On March 31st, the Dutch book world was shocked when online sales giant Bol.com removed all of publishing house Das Mag’s books from its website. 705 more words

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