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What type of publisher would suit you 1

While every author dreams of a six-figure contract and of going from obscurity to fame and fortune like JK Rowling and Nora Roberts, the reality is that hard work is required to find ‘instant’ fame. 506 more words


Swedish research libraries cancel journal contract with Elsevier

More bad news for RELX. Swedish research libraries are cancelling their journal contract through Bibsam Consortium with the academic publisher Elsevier. The contract will terminate as of June 30, 2018. 37 more words

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Early coverage of AALL-LexisNexis anticompetitive tying controversy -- updated (again)

On June 7th, AALL sent Mike Walsh, CEO of LexisNexis Legal, a letter calling for the company to cease tying the acquisition of its other print and digital products to licensing Legal Advance. 275 more words

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Agent or Publisher

I discussed the prose and cons of both agents and publishers in my column for Romance Writers of Australia (RWA) and on my website.

Traditionally an author needed a publisher to get a foot in the door of an established publishing house. 51 more words

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Betwixt the Books Discuss! Own Voices, Representation & The Publishing Industry

Wherein, we chat for half an hour about the wrap up of the own voices cycle in Bibliomancy and just general discussions going on in the publishing community about representation.


Answering the call for AALL consumer advocacy: 10 years after the Great Recession AALL is living up to its potential -- what’s next?

The Great Recession sent AALL into a tailspin with members over consumer advocacy. Rank-and-file members’ calls for AALL to commit to consumer advocacy due to numerous complaints about price inflation and unscrupulous vendor business practices were pushed back by successive AALL executive boards during the Great Recession and its library-related aftermath, the “Shed West” (print) era, 2008-2013. 449 more words

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Sagi's A Comprehensive Economic and Legal Analysis of Tying Arrangements

From the conclusion of Guy Sagi’s A Comprehensive Economic and Legal Analysis of Tying Arrangements, 38 Seattle University Law Review 1 (2014):

There is currently a gap between the economic theory and the prevailing law regarding tying arrangements. 200 more words

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