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Publishing has been working for a while to open itself out to people from a wider range of society, to stop it being such a closed shop in terms of race, class, wealth and geography. 135 more words

Free Online Webinar and Editor Q&A Session

Unless a writer is self-publishing, an editor will play a powerful role in shaping his or her book, but most of us aren’t entirely sure how an editor chooses a book or improves a novel. 217 more words


Children’s Publishing and Diverse Books: An Intern’s Perspective (Part IV)

This week, I’ve been sharing my experience as a former publishing intern and the efforts to improve diversity within children’s book publishing – a mission that has grown all the more salient in light of the past events of this month. 1,186 more words


Children’s Publishing and Diverse Books: An Intern’s Perspective (Part III)

Thanks for joining! This week, I’m talking about some of my observations as a children’s publishing intern, with regards to diversity in children’s book publishing. … 1,327 more words


Checking In

The door creaks open letting in a sliver of light from beyond. The light is then briefly disturbed and followed by a shuffling sound as something moves  through the darkness.

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Mason Chronicles

Is AI Really the Next Big Thing in Publishing?

The arts seems to be one of the last places that machines will touch. After all, there’s not a lot of money over here—why bother getting robots to write stories for pennies? 764 more words

Musings and Advice from YA Author Meg Cabot

“Don’t tell people you want to be a writer. Everyone will try to talk you out of choosing a job with so little security, so it is better just to keep it to yourself, and prove them all wrong later.” – Meg Cabot 353 more words