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4 Easy Ways To Streamline Your Author Brand

Every writer has an author brand whether they know it or not. So how can you take control of it? Here are my four easy ways to streamline your author brand across platforms and within platforms. 322 more words

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#BLAThoughtOfTheDay: What's the deal with Lionel Shriver?

Recently, Lionel Shriver, author of We Need To Talk About Kevin, was the topic of this post by Yassmin Abdel-Magied, who walked out of Shriver’s speech — a speech which deliberately brushed aside cultural appropriation and all the problems therein. 309 more words

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Trad vs Indie - A Debate on The Future of Book Publishing

So I did it. I tweaked my final comma, dotted my final I and after writing an email that gave me hives, I pressed send and off went my bookbaby to five… 1,701 more words


"I Just Sit and Read All Day!" Said No Literary Agent Ever

Working at a literary agency is great. For someone like me whose life is basically run by books, it’s the dream. However, I do get a lot of assumptions about my job, which are basically this: “Don’t you just sit and read all day?” 1,256 more words


How to land a book deal worth millions

You know how we’re always saying that nobody gets rich through writing fiction? Well, once in a while someone does. This year, that someone is publishing sensation Chloé J. 203 more words

Patreon for Writers - A Fascinating and Evolving Space

Making a living as a writer is not easy. In fact, for the vast majority of people, earning their keep with nothing but words is nigh impossible … a pipe dream … a long shot. 890 more words

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UK Vanity Publishers Austin Macauley & Pegasus in Horrible Bait-And-Switch

A number of UK-based vanity presses are engaging in unsavory tactics: passing themselves off as trade publishers and only hitting writers with the bill when it comes to contracts. 1,387 more words