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When Publishing Platform turns Troll

Just a brief update on this whole idiotic Ink(stain) business. It’s hard to believe, after unsubscribing from all their “updates”, asking them to delete my profile, telling them to stop bothering me here on WP and unfollowing the blighters on Twitter, I was forced to report them to Google as spam, because the platform kept forcing through email messages. 291 more words


Transitioning to a More Unified Platform

Last week brought the news that another scholarly publisher, Oxford University Press, is switching from one platform to another. In many respects this is a familiar story, one that will cause transitional difficulty for customers and users alike while promising a better long-run outcome. 591 more words


Woo Hoo! I've Broken into the Canadian Market!

Thanks to listing my book with Ingram Spark, the print edition of Dead and Kicking is now available on Chapters! ¬†It would be nice if the cover actually showed up, but I’ll take the baby steps. 28 more words

New Release

Will this Inkstain never go away?

Will this Ink-stain never go away?¬†Despite asking their “support staff” to remove my profile from their site, and not to contact me again, I’ve had several emails by Inkitt. 506 more words


Leaving a disappointing Road far too frequently travelled

Here’s an update on that most peculiar and frankly useless of all new author platforms: Inkitt.

After uploading my submission for their “Wanderlust” competition, I discovered that authors were only granted 200 characters (incl. 840 more words

Creative Writing

Two Sides to a Heart & Two Sides to a City

There are two parts to my blog post today, although you could say they are vaguely related, as both parts are about thriller writing.

Firstly: Calling all thriller writers: 1,357 more words


Be very afraid, dear Fellow Authors!

It seems that when I last blogged I omitted to tell you that apparently Inkitt(dot)com membership is by invitation only. You can get an invite, if you follow them on Twitter and give them a chance to check out the quality of your writing via links to your blogs/published work. 1,063 more words