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The most important legal advice any creator needs to hear is this: read before you sign.

In the world of publishing, before a manuscript can start the magical journey from a writer’s computer to a reader’s book, the writer must sign a contract allowing the agent and editor to use the work as needed. 652 more words


Publish Without Pay

A very astute reader pointed out that our blog post on getting paid in “exposure” seemed a bit hypocritical since Buck Off Magazine does not pay its contributors. 343 more words


Publishing Terms Tuesday

Last month I shared an article from Writer’s Digest on our social media regarding publishing terms (see article, it’s a good read!) and wanted to expand upon it and provide a few more terms to know, so tune in each month on the first Tuesday for a new term! 443 more words

Glossary of Publishing Terms and Definitions

By Cecilia Lewis

Recently, I’ve noticed that much of the discussion surrounding publishing, including here on my own blog, uses a variety of abbreviations and terms that may be confusing for writers who are just starting to learn the industry. 2,145 more words


Literary Terms Defined: The Uncommon and Common

by Chuck Sambuchino

Working for Writer’s Digest Books, I come across a lot of literary terms — both the common and uncommon.

Because it’s healthy for writers of all levels to be familiar with terms they may come across in articles, conversations and contracts, here are some literary terms defined for your enjoyment. 1,174 more words

Writers In The Storm

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Ask the Angels - What's the Best Love Story of All Time, Emma?

Well, it’s that time of year again. The week of love is here (otherwise known as the week of chocolate and things shaped like hearts culminating in a lot of heart-shaped chocolates). 252 more words


39 Acronyms Serious Writers Need to Know

So, you want to be a writer?

Maybe you even have a novel or two that you want to publish.  Even better!

By now, you have probably noticed that there are… 434 more words