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Fantasy is Flying High! #fantasy #getpublished #pubtip

After for so long being a small, very small, market, fantasy has come into its own.
Thank the likes of Neil Gaiman and George R. Martin (and, of course, Game of Thrones’ show) for boosting this deserving category into the limelight. 165 more words


Where to Publish (For New Writers Who Are Looking to Self-Publish)

Below is a video Janet Syas Nitsick and I did on publishing, specifically self-publishing.  The question came in, “What places can an author publish his book?” In this video, we answer this, but I’ll include the highlights below so you can read it instead if you wish. 649 more words


Does Snapchat work for the regional press?

Snapchat and regional newspapers look unlikely bedfellows on the surface of it.  After all, the photo messaging application is primarily a hit with teenagers and (very) young twenty somethings. 478 more words

Regional Press

THE TIMES OF BHAGAT and other maladies of The Publishing Industry

The age of Metro-reads is on. And if Rupa Publications has its way, it will have all of us believe that we live in the Age of Chetan Bhagat. 715 more words

What's Hot in Fantasy #fantasy #novel

This week I posted about some interesting results of the annual What Kids are Reading report in dystopian fiction. The report also showed some interesting trends in other fantasy areas among young readers in the UK. 265 more words

Publishing Trends

Dystopian is Not Dead!

Oh, woe, dystopian is dead. How often have I heard that lately, and how wrong is it?
The annual What Kids Are Reading report found that dystopian fantasy and larger-than-life comedies dominate among young readers in the UK. 137 more words

Publishing Trends

Writing for Love

This morning I read an article by a successful literary agent whose blog I follow, and it really got under my skin.  In it, the author cautioned both published and pre-published writers that they need to find out what readers want from them–and give it to them, end of story.  370 more words