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The Future

With February drawing to a close, I’m looking toward the future for my writing and excited about so many possibilities. The most exciting one? I’m going Indie with… 493 more words


The centralisation of the web and the constraints on academic speech

A great essay by Ethan Zuckerman, which raises the crucial question of infrastructural dependency within the digital university. We can overcome this partly through cultural change (e.g. 624 more words


Evolution of a Cover

Over at the Hollandspiele blog, Tom Russell talks about the progression of images and ideas used before arriving at the present newspaper-page style cover for… 153 more words


How I Got to Work From Home - Video 8

This video is about a strategy to get more people to subscribe to your email list. This email list is valuable because your followers can help you promote, and in return you can give them perks.Check out my latest video on my career as an author at home. 73 more words


Should ARC reviews always be positive?

As you’re reading the title, I can already see you going, “Of course not! You’re supposed to be honest while reviewing.” And yes, I agree. The whole point of being an advanced reader is that you provide the author/publisher with real, helpful feedback. 643 more words


The Allure of the Cliffhanger

by Katie McCoach

Dictionary.com defines “cliffhanger” as:

— n

1. A melodramatic adventure serial in which each installment ends in suspense in order to interest the reader or viewer in the next installment. 609 more words


Boots magazine

I’ve had a full page illustration and spot illustrations published in the spring issue of Boots Health & Beauty  magazine, for an article called What’s your trigger? 34 more words