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A Fresh Start

This post will not have a photo included with it because I just want the words to paint the picture. I want a fresh start. This was originally a semester project for a journalism class of mine but frankly for the project I did not have creative freedom. 244 more words

Wattpad: The Ginormous Virtual Home of Stories

The first time I had heard of Wattpad was during high school. My friends would fan-girl about the different chapters that were updated the previous night, and that they could not wait for the next chapter.  946 more words


Compass Games sitrep


So, Compass Games has extended the spring sale of 40% many items to April 17, including Finnish Civil War, and added a number of other games at 33% off. 72 more words


The Amazon Situation

Hey, everyone!

As many of you have heard, it looks like book orders from Amazon are going to be delayed. I know it’s a frustrating—but they are playing a very important role right now, prioritizing essential household items. 438 more words


Signs You Might Be A Writer: PENS!

1) You carry an extra pen just in case your current pen mysteriously dies.
2) You have a favorite pen and, let’s be honest, your other pens know which that is. 241 more words

Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 04/03/20

Praedo Maritimus 

“One crowded hour of glorious life is worth an age without a name.” – Sir Walter Scott

It was a cold night for Arthur Forest, even in the summer. 2,907 more words

We, Readers

I love this picture of London during the Blitz. These diehard readers didn’t have to cope with “safer at home.” But they still were under grave stress and the chance of very real physical attack from the German Luftwaffe. 264 more words