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Dear Marcus Aurelius...

“How ridiculous and how strange to be surprised at anything which happens in life”Marcus Aurelius

Well, my dear Marcus, I must then be a ridiculously strange human being… (Admittedly that’s a statement already well-proven in fact, but I digress for the purpose of this one post)… for a surprise slapped me stupid yesterday. 125 more words



There are many violent things happening in the world. The murderous actions of extremists are on the front pages of our newspapers on a regular basis. 412 more words

This book is an oasis...and a great gift idea!

“This book is an oasis, a place to visit to reconnect with beauty and nature. I like to randomly open to any page and read where I land, poetry or prose, interwoven with gorgeous photographs. 137 more words


"Smushed Face Cat" artwork by Laura Yager

This is one of the fantastic art pieces that will be included in Joey the reBOOT issue coming out soon. We love artwork submissions! See our guidelines here.

Joey And The Black Boots

Review of 2016: David McCaffrey

It was a pleasure meeting David McCaffrey when he travelled all the way from Teeside to North Shields to see Elementary Writers perform at Old Low Light. 257 more words


My books in Bengali or for Bengal

Well I have a blog dedicated to my books, you can check out all my books there


but this blog is dedicated to Bengali and its English translation, so I will add my benglish books here, books which will contain Bengali poems and their English essence :) 570 more words