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Thursday Blog 2.7.15

I was watching a movie on FBI’s father Edgar Hoover, it is a very intriguing movie for sure, time after time this character kept me reminding of the power players in the book of “48 laws of power” by Robert Greene, how a little disturbed (?) or really cunning manipulator can make an entire nation think that the things he is saying are right, and they should allow invasion in their private life if it is for the “Sake of their nation”, boy! 77 more words

Sharmishtha Basu

170x170 day 63 2.7.15

Knowing ourselves is not only good for our spiritual health but all sorts of health. We live but some of us, or may be quite a few of us can’t recognize the person they see in the mirror. 133 more words

Sharmishtha Basu

Thursday Fun n Frolics 2.7.15

Don’t some people make you wonder why did not they get their due recognition? Some directors truly make me wonder why their names did not get added in the golden list of directors like Hitchcock, Ray. 158 more words

Sharmishtha Basu

Thursday Scribblings 2.7.15

Law sixteen of 48 laws of power by Robert Greene shares another practical suggestion- Use absence to increase respect and honour.

It is as true as it can be as long as you have that “material” for which people will miss you and as long as you know how to use the exact amount of absence, or else people will just move and forget you! 77 more words

Sharmishtha Basu

Thursday Talks Hindi Baaten 2.7.15

When darkness closes in

and we can see the lights

of faraway homes

they look like ship of light

sailing the ocean of darkness.

Love and hugs, have a great great day/ days ahead! 41 more words

Sharmishtha Basu