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I haven’t been writing as much. And I think I know why. But it sucks.

I haven’t been as sad.

See? Isn’t that awful? I haven’t been writing because I haven’t been sad. 95 more words


Project Status 8 - Everybody Limbo

Sorry for the lack of articulate and clever prose this time, everyone. I’m just too tired and too stressed for my usual level of quality. 254 more words

On L.C. Morgenstern's Work

What Is Neat Prose?

I cannot buy books where I live. I am forced to choose between a new wave book chain that sidelines serious literature for board games and YA. 554 more words

Why I Write What I Write (And Don't Hold Back)

This week, my second book and first full novel was released on Amazon. Yay me! (I guess… waiting for the inevitable bad reviews.) I didn’t want to self-publish my book and be an indie author. 722 more words

My Writing

Keep Calm, It’s Always Been Fake News – Mindset Re-Stacking

(Click here to download audio.)

Stay Calm and Enjoy the Fake News

…because it’s all fake and always has been.

The problem, as usual, isn’t you. 1,281 more words


Something Hidden


August 7th, 22:45 Atlanta Georgia

Heavy rain driven by strong wind did little to purge the alleyway of the smell of piss and decay. Perfect. 5,588 more words