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Some customers asked to pay thousands to connect with solar

Some Hawaiian Electric customers are being asked to pay thousands of dollars more if they want to get on the grid.

HECO says 370 letters were sent to customers still wanting a PV system under the old Net Energy Metering program. 320 more words


Being a Resident Assistant at PUC

By Andrew Mahinay

A single key has the power to open every single door in a residence hall. Out of the hundreds of residents living in a dormitory, only nine students wield this key. 363 more words

Pacific Union College

Who Speaks at Commissions?

This blog comes with a thesis: that increasing the diversity of participation in energy regulation will ultimately improve how energy is regulated. In one of my first posts, I looked at the… 569 more words


Join PUC’s Newest Class: The Innovation Lab

This spring quarter, there’s a new class at PUC, called the Innovation Lab, which takes a unique approach to learning. We asked Dr. John Nunes, chair of the department of business administration and economics, to tell us more about the class and why students should be interested in taking it. 589 more words

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My PUC Story: Alice Chen

By Andrea James

Alice Chen is a junior and business major at PUC. When she was little, she used to help with her mother’s business—people loved her and her cute smile. 492 more words

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PaPUC Approves Three Applications for Permanent Operating Authority as Transportation Network Companies

On February 9, 2017, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) approved two applications for authority to operate as a Transportation Network Company (TNC) – increasing the total number of approved TNCs in Pennsylvania to three companies. 325 more words

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Sandy Puć

Sandy Puć, an internationally acclaimed photographer and businesswoman, delights in sharing her knowledge, experience, and passion for photography through her many US speaking engagements, international tours, and her educational website, Sandy Puc’ University. 234 more words