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Aquela pergunta cliché: o que é design?

“Mãe, decidi: vou fazer design.”
A partir desse momento, começou a surgir na minha vida o questionamento que não deve desaparecer tão cedo. Mas afinal, … 373 more words


Conversaciones por Whatsapp

Srta B.: Sabi a quien odio ctm? A la gente que manda snap chats, pero tambien los sube a su historia. Pa que me lo mandai si esta en tu historia ctm?! 409 more words


Have a Question? Chat Us!

These days, it seems like nobody talks on the phone anymore. In our fast-paced world, it’s much easier to pull out your phone and quickly text someone than it is to dial their number, wait to see whether or not they answer, and if they aren’t available, leave them a voicemail they likely won’t listen to. 231 more words

Pacific Union College

PUC Finances Made Easy

Figuring out college finances is complicated. What loans or grants should you apply for? What scholarships do you qualify for? Luckily, PUC comes with a Student Finance department full of staff whose sole job is to help you out! 92 more words

Pacific Union College

Who's Watching Out for the Little Guys?

Rant warning:

Listening to Ed Wallace this morning, I realize what I thought was an isolated event seems to be a mounting phenomenon across America. Big business, from insurance to utilities, seems bent on taking their customers to the cleaners. 535 more words

State regulator says PG&E may be too big to operate safely

Minutes after the California Public Utilities Commission levied a record $1.6 billion penalty against Pacific Gas and Electric Co. on Thursday for the deadly San Bruno pipeline explosion, the state’s top regulator said the utility is still plagued by gas-system problems, shrugs off even the harshest sanctions and may be too big to operate safely. 135 more words

Sacramento Update

California Regulator Asks If PG&E Is 'Too Big' To Operate Safely Before Voting On $1.6 Billion Penalty

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Pacific Gas & Electric Co., California’s largest power utility,  is too large and has too much money to be held accountable. 1,096 more words