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The Woo Hypothesis

There has been a lot of discussion, off and on, more on than off lately, about Sasquatch and portals, Sasquatch and cloaking, and Sasquatch associated with other paranormal phenomena. 577 more words

Quasi-Hypothesis Quasi-Scientist

Puca guests - Another discarded Idea - :-) I've got lots of these.

Chapter one: Guests

It was late at night and the fire was bright and warm as Tiris sat and studied her spellbook. She’d been working out the easiest way to bring water to her herb gardens without having to rely upon her Puca companion Zadel. 1,529 more words

Demons - A discarded Idea for my novel I don't want to waste :-)

It was a warm spring day and I was in my room at the guild hall with Kian. Ferros had wanted me to practice up summoning so I’d be ready for when we called upon Ilien to ask for passage north. 7,277 more words

the phooka

I had been seeing spirits all weekend, one in particular had just brushed against me the morning after it all.. misty and joyously child like. After all the goings on, I wondered if it had something to do with that past weekend but at the time hadn’t thought to question it.. 463 more words


Fairies and Fairy Orbs

“In the Beauty of the World lies the ultimate redemption of our mortality. When we shall become at one with nature in a sense profounder even than the poetic imaginings of most of us, we shall understand what now we fail to discern.” – FIONA MACLEOD.

745 more words

Review: Happy Birthday Jacob

In the not-so-distant past, 17 year old Jacob (Sean Basil Crawford) cares for his younger brother Lucas (Finian Duff Lennon). They have been long abandoned by their mother and more recently by their alcoholic father. 591 more words


11/1/17 Puca thích số một

Tôi là Puca! Hôm nay là một ngày nhiều số một, một năm có ba ngày có nhiều số một như vậy thôi. Một là 11/1, 1/11 và nhiều khủng bố nhất là ngày 11/11. 695 more words