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Fairies & Fairy Orbs

“In the Beauty of the World lies the ultimate redemption of our mortality. When we shall become at one with nature in a sense profounder even than the poetic imaginings of most of us, we shall understand what now we fail to discern.” – FIONA MACLEOD.

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Fairy Connections

"Muốn ghé ngang tâm hồn của mình một chút không?"

Mình nhớ rõ những ai mình muốn họ bước vào thế giới của mình (thật sự là ít ỏi), mình có ‘mời’ Pu vì mình biết đã từ rất lâu lâu, tụi mình cứ luôn đồng điệu. 475 more words


Ireland: Part 6

Now readers, we’ve been through alot together. At the beginning of my journey I was ready to head back straight to Canada and be reunited with my cozy bed and a hot cup of chicken noodle soup. 1,308 more words


Púca/Pooka the pup

It’s the name of a small dog that visits the Café in which I work, The Saltwater Beach Café, Chalkwell. A tiny, fluffy, bundle of joy that loves the simple things in life… her owner, fellow puppy pal, long walks along the beach and sausages. 208 more words

A Happy The Devil Spits Day to You!

Being that our wedding anniversary is 11 October and the well of my genius has been running dry as of late, I decided to scour the internet (ie search on Wikipedia) for a(nother) interesting event that might have happened on this day in history. 378 more words

IR: What Is the Púca?

The puca, or pooka, is a complicated creature. Often thought of as either a malevolent or benevolent being of old world Ireland. Some reports claim there is no faery feared more in Ireland than the Puca. 1,214 more words


Lee Shore

Elwood Dowd is the only one in town who can actually see Harvey, a Norse-Celtic púca spirit that takes the form of a (usually) invisible rabbit more than six feet tall.

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