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A Happy The Devil Spits Day to You!

Being that our wedding anniversary is 11 October and the well of my genius has been running dry as of late, I decided to scour the internet (ie search on Wikipedia) for a(nother) interesting event that might have happened on this day in history. 378 more words

IR: What Is the Púca?

The puca, or pooka, is a complicated creature. Often thought of as either a malevolent or benevolent being of old world Ireland. Some reports claim there is no faery feared more in Ireland than the Puca. 1,214 more words


Close Encounters of the Bovine Kind

Blessed Well, Tobairin Beannaithe, Cashelfean

I have been trying to find this well for ages. It is not marked on the current OS Landranger map but I was intrigued by three detailed entries in the… 1,410 more words

West Cork

Lee Shore

Elwood Dowd is the only one in town who can actually see Harvey, a Norse-Celtic púca spirit that takes the form of a (usually) invisible rabbit more than six feet tall.

312 more words

The Woo Hypothesis

There has been a lot of discussion, off and on, more on than off lately, about Sasquatch and portals, Sasquatch and cloaking, and Sasquatch associated with other paranormal phenomena. 577 more words

Quasi-Hypothesis Quasi-Scientist

Puca guests - Another discarded Idea - :-) I've got lots of these.

Chapter one: Guests

It was late at night and the fire was bright and warm as Tiris sat and studied her spellbook. She’d been working out the easiest way to bring water to her herb gardens without having to rely upon her Puca companion Zadel. 1,529 more words

Demons - A discarded Idea for my novel I don't want to waste :-)

It was a warm spring day and I was in my room at the guild hall with Kian. Ferros had wanted me to practice up summoning so I’d be ready for when we called upon Ilien to ask for passage north. 7,277 more words