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The Luck Penny



A.C. Hadden, 1893;

‘If an animal is sold on a Sunday the Wicklow people will not take a luck-penny*.’

*As part of a transaction, particularly when buying livestock, a “luck penny” was often returned to the purchaser as a sign of good will.





The Púca, and Blackberries after Hallowe'en

Monaghan, 1 November –

Henry Morris in 1915, recounting beliefs from his Childhood in the Farney Barony;

‘Nice ripe blackberries are sweet and palatable; but hungry boys and girls will eat blackberries that are neither sweet of palatable. 95 more words


Puca came early

Our berry patches usually give us the first sign of the end of summer. For weeks straight, we’re able to pick more berries than fit in the freezer, usually until the first frost.This year was really tough on the berry plants though. 301 more words


The Astrology of Bernie Sanders

Dear Mystic,

As promised, I present to your pupils the Astrology of Bernie Sanders, candidate for President of the United States.  You recall that I previously outlined the birth charts of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  902 more words


The Zodiac Signs In the Beauty Industry, Part 1

Dear Mystic,

In response to your query regarding how the signs of the Zodiac fare in the Beauty Industry, I present the following.  To remind your readers, I am a Controller in the finance department of one the world’s largest Beauty corporations, at a desk toiling monk-like in a great tower in NYC, and, a loyal student of the Mystic Medusa Fighting School of Bitch-Wizardry, Pluto Division.  819 more words


PUCA #11

Hello, Minions of Mystic Medusa.  It is officially spring time in New York City and the air is become warm sweet water diffused with scent and color, and women whirl about like petals breezing through a golden frame.  1,059 more words


PUCA 12 - Astrological Currency

Dear Mystic,

I recently heard of the public humiliation of Ross Ulbricht.  A commenter theorized that an unspoken cause of the man’s arrest was his promotion of BitCoin as a medium of exchange, and I do support that theory.  1,035 more words