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Refuting Cancerous MAL Reviews - "Madoka Proves Anime Is Not A Serious Art"

So we’ve all been there. We open up MAL and see the new reviews section at the bottom of the page. There’s usually plenty of rubbish there, not just the scores but plenty of people who don’t seem to have a grasp on the English language. 1,958 more words


Fate/Cross - Chapter 11 (Finale)

‘Assassin!’ Rider growled.

‘How astute of you.’

Grunting, Rider struggled to his feet. His time was quickly running out.

Assassin chuckled. ‘Are you going to fight me, Rider? 2,106 more words

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[FIRST IMPRESSION] Alice and Zouroku アリスと蔵六


A mysterious girl named Sana has escaped from a top-secret research facility. With her captors in hot pursuit, she runs away to Shinjuku, where she comes across an old man named Kashimura Zouroku. 389 more words


La chica mágica Madoka (Versión definitiva)

No hay mucho que decir. Es la revisión más reciente —y por mi parte la última—  de esta serie hipervalorada que dizque revolucionó el género y bla, bla, bla. 192 more words


Nendoroid #770 Mami Tomoe: Maiko Ver. by Good Smile Company

Good Smile Company presents Nendoroid #770 Mami Tomoe: Maiko Ver. from “Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie”. 50 more words

Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Fall From Grace

This post is the third of five covering the series ‘Puella Magi Madoka Magica’. It contains spoilers for episodes one through six, with some speculation for episodes beyond that. 3,947 more words


Fate/Cross - Chapter 10

Lancer was outmatched. That much could be said. The opponent standing before her was Rider; her first opponent, and in some twist of fate, her final opponent. 1,492 more words

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