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Spoilers: Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and the Elephant in the Room

Interpreting a work of fiction is like having a hallucination. I could imagine there’s a Bengal Tiger in the middle of my room, or maybe a brick wall, and be convinced I can’t safely travel from one side to the other. 912 more words


Anime Analysis - Puella Magi Madoka Magica

At some point, I will return to blogging about other things, if any fresh ideas come in (hint hint, suggest things to me!), but before then I thought around now, with the sweet soundtrack playing in my ears, was the right time to do another Anime Analysis. 2,112 more words

Opinion Piece

What Faith Really Means

Faith is a fundamental core to Christianity; it is what allows believers to receive salvation and provides a more abundant lifestyle. It gives us hope when we do not see a way out and eases our suffering when we are at our breaking points. 891 more words


News: Puella Magi character designer gives us another look at concept movie's ballerina Madoka

In December the “Madoka concept movie” presented at SHAFT’s Madogatari exhibit was confirmed, to the Madoka fandom’s resounding joy, as a conceptual trailer for a whole new  172 more words


Chara blogs: Charlene takes centre-stage!


Let me guess: you thought you were going to meet that Farfalla Rossa chick Rob keeps talking about, aye? After all, she’s Robo-than’s main character, so it would make sense to start off with her, aye? 3,277 more words

Magical Girl

Myriad Colours Phantom World: rejoicing in innocence, discovery and acceptance

I think by now we’ve all scrolled over someone’s disappointed wailings on Myriad Colours Phantom World. Maybe you were even one of those left feeling deflated, because you were expecting more from Kyoto Animation’s latest series. 951 more words