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Biking to Ports: Buenos Aires Day 3

On Wednesday, I decided to give my feet a break and went on a bike tour that toured the southern part of Buenos Aires. On the tour with me was a family of four from Texas and a British student. 503 more words

South America Trip

Buenos Aires & Iguazú: 4 Days in Argentina

The Whistletrip:  Itinerary
  • Days 1 & 2:  Buenos Aires
  • Days 3 & 4:  Iguazú Falls
Why Go

Long described as “the Paris of South America” and aesthetically shaped by Spanish and Italian immigrants, Buenos Aires holds particular allure for travelers with a European sensibility.   1,446 more words


Uruguay for a Day

Across on the other side of the Rio de La Plata, a wide stretch of river that separates Argentina from Uruguay, Colonia del Sacramento was taunting us. 927 more words

World Heritage Site

Buenos Aires 22 - Puerto Madero's success

A comment worth bringing forward by Alex Botta:

(In Puerto Madero) the adapted old brick warehouses and new modern buildings of a similar scale together along one side of the waterfront are very attractive indeed. 161 more words


Buenos Aires 18 - Puerto Madero Disconnected

Puerto Madero benefits and suffers from the same factors that affect similar megaprojects: the comprehensive planning, done all at one time, has a certain sterility. In part because of the high-quality of urban design, infrastructure and location, it quickly gets priced up, and is seen to be more a reservation for the rich than something which reflects the urban mix of the surrounding city. 246 more words


Buenos Aires 17 - Puerto Madero's Homage to Women

The street names of Puerto Madero identify famous Argentine women: Aimé Painé, a Mapuche princess and singer who fought for indigenous rights; ‘disappeared’ Argentine activist Azucena Villaflor; and feminist and politician, Alicia Moreau de Justo. 37 more words


Buenos Aires 16 - Puerto Madero

At the top of the must-check-out list for any Vancouver urbanist is the waterfront community of Puerto Madero – a development that started in 1989, almost exactly the same time as the Concord Pacific megaproject on False Creek. 397 more words

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