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Recipe: Fried Plantains (Tostones)

Homemade and hella easy to make! You’ll just need 3 ingredients. ;) 116 more words

So Good Sancocho

The holiday season is approaching. Vegan sancocho is a great dish for Thanksgiving because it’s hearty, warm, and healthy. Check out the recipe – sin carne! 199 more words

Recipe: Pretty Damn Perfect Yellow Rice

Mi tia makes the best yellow rice – ever. She even beats my abuela  and that’s saying a lot. Enjoy! 120 more words

Charming Vegetarian Oasis at Verde Mesa

During my stay in Puerto Rico, I got the sense that Puerto Rican cuisine is very meat-and-starch heavy. So I was pleasantly surprised when I found Verde Mesa, which is essentially a vegetarian restaurant. 257 more words

Restaurant Review

Discovering a local favorite at José Enrique

In La Placita de Santurce, among the ring of restaurants surrounding the public market, was a restaurant that was hailed as a local favorite. José Enrique is quite unique and celebrated, because the chef, Jose Enrique, grew up locally, studied and practiced in the US, including in New York, before returning home and opening this restaurant. 295 more words

Restaurant Review

Pastelillos - my way

“Liza, you wanna pastelillo?” was music to my ears growing up. It was and still is one of my favorite cultural foods. Some people call them empanadas but my family called them pastelillos (meat turnover). 365 more words


Tostones, Mofongo and Amarillo: the Plantain Trifecta

Let’s call this a public service announcement or an educational post. Having tried all three plantain dishes in Puerto Rico, not saying that these are the only ways to eat plantains, I figured I will talk about them together. 462 more words