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"It's like a burrito, but with the masculine 'he' in front of it" - Jibaritos with the Evictions


Johnny and Will from Chicago band The Evictions jump in the Mazda 3 for jibaritos from Borinquen Lounge (3811 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60618). 127 more words


A Little Miami Fusion in the Heart of Birmingham!

I lived in Puerto Rico from the ages 7-12, and while the island itself held many great memories growing up, the food always bring back so many vivid ones.  1,315 more words


The Five Flavors of New York City (according to me).

The last time I made anything I wanted to blog about, it was challah bread with ube jam weaved into the pleats. I mentioned that Ashkenazi Jewish Cuisine is one of the “Five Flavors of New York City”.  1,117 more words

Food Musings

We have to talk about lechón asado

We have to talk about food tonight.

There are these amazing places in Puerto Rico called lechoneras, which means they make lechón asado or pork. Sounds good right? 421 more words

Puerto Rico

Fried Green Plantain Chips

One of the highlights of our summers in Puerto Rico was our trips into Viejo San Juan, Old San Juan.  Cynthia and I would be taken by our aunt, Madrinita, and, of course, Mama would accompany us.   1,169 more words


Nothing bad comes from bread

Tonight, as we were walking our dogs,, there was this van pulling out of the driveway of a hotel. Out of nowhere the man stops the van and asks us, do you want bread?” 473 more words

Puerto Rico