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The 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge #4

4. Your First Taiwanese Drama?

Pleasantly Surprised

You can call it “Love Myself or You” or “Pleasantly Surprised”.┬á I enjoyed this drama but it did hit the dreaded , WTF, mode once it passed episode 14-16 to finish out at 22 episodes. 56 more words


Flash Review: Just You [TW Drama]

Remember when I first got sucked into the Aaron Handsome while watching Fall In Love With Me? That show had lots of pretty going for it, but was, er, lacking in some pretty major ways. 1,855 more words

Flash Review

Just You Taiwanese Drama: Love just appears

As always Aaron Yan wins my heart and grab my attention. He just knows how to pull off his character and make you drown in his love. 74 more words


Wednesday Eu-Mak: Come back, Aaron!!!!

Where are you, Aaron? I’m pretty sure the ladies are waiting for you. But please…… PLEASE choose your next drama wisely! Your previous drama was a tragedy┬ábut, as your loyal fan, I stood by you till the end. 387 more words