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Eiseley: Plant Quiet Like a Seed....

Plant quiet like a seed within your heart
And let it grow and split that organ through.

Let the fierce root rive all such walls apart, 148 more words


When the Eye is Not a Fun Guy

Most of the time my micro-story inspiration comes from interesting pins on Pinterest that I encounter and save for the right time. In this week’s micro-story, I was given a challenge – what could I say about the alien-like humongous mushroom growing in our driveway? 86 more words


L. pyriforme - Another Small Brown Puffball

Lycoperdon pyriforme is quite common, but unfortunately the only picture I have of it is when it is quite past its prime. Here they are, growing on wood (a characteristic trait that distinguishes it from a look alike that grows from the soil). 9 more words

Central Kentucky

Possibly The Devil's Snuff-Box?

This puffball fungus was found in Central Kentucky, and, as noticeable from the picture, has already released its spores. It was found in late fall, and I am also not entirely sure of the name because it was found so late after it released its spores. 114 more words

Central Kentucky


We interrupt our autumnal colors for a pink puffball that miraculously volunteered by the side of the road. I stopped the car and sat down on the road to get low enough to take the picture. 228 more words





Definitely unsubtle. Or is it simply the product of modern ‘teaching’ in so-called schools? Or is it worse … in New Zealand there are moves to insert the native language at every opportunity and the upcoming generations are shamelessly programmed in that direction. 405 more words


A Train Wreck

Yeah, I know. You eat with your eyes first. Appearance is important, especially in a fine restaurant or when entertaining guests, but looks aren’t everything. Looks can be deceiving. 181 more words