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Puffball Mushroom (NV)

Scientific and common name: NV  Could be Lycoperdon curtisii, L. marginatum, or L. echinatum. In the broad category of “puffball”.

Kingdom: Fungi Division: Basidiomycota 63 more words



Any of various fungi having a ball-shaped fruiting body that when pressed or struck releases small pores.

The exhibit that attracted the most guest was the…

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We found some puffballs in the garden. Here is a photo and a video:

They are not plants – they are in their own kingdom of life. 42 more words

South West Victoria: Connewirricoo State Park

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: beautiful colours on a eucalypt, made clear with rain; a marvellously textured puffball toadstool rising from a nest of leaves on the ground; tiny lichens decorate a limb; minuscule toadstool growing out of a eucalypt trunk.


Another Mushroom in Belize!!

Oh, I can not believe that I forgot to mention that we had found a puffball mushroom whilst on our travels the last few days.  We had just driven up to the Taiwanese shop and the next thing I knew, Gnome had scrambled out quickly and was on his hands and knees in the grassy field beside the car-park. 75 more words


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Puffballs Forever

I’ve been known to swerve off the road (safely of course) and tromp through a field to snap pictures of these giant puffball weeds (salsify, I believe) because they fascinate me.  44 more words

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