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All Creatures Small and Smaller

Yesterday I was looking for wildflowers.  There were none to be found.  I guess it’s still too early even though the last few weeks have been warm.   224 more words



Najwyższy czas wystrzelić z tej starej śmierdzącej purchawy.// It is high time to fire off this old stinking puffball


Another picture from my mystery stack. The only clue are the pine needles…

Humboldt County

The real garden keeps on teaching

The real garden, the one that is actually growing (or struggling to grow because of the drought)

Is keeping on teaching.

The dandelions, whom I noticed were so tenacious, and bright, 115 more words


Bits and bobs

Mosses and lichens galore in Dendles Wood in November, but I haven’t identified them.

Also fungi, including candlesnuff fungus and puffballs at Hangar Down

and these in Dendles Wood. 31 more words


Spiny Puffball

Tharandter Wald, Germany, October 2016

Lycoperdon marginatum (Spiny Puffball)

Weasel's Pics

Lycoperdon (photo)

I noticed this previously unseen mushroom in our backyard this summer. Each puffball wasn’t that big. And just now, with a quick Google search, I think it’s either   150 more words