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Puffballs Forever

I’ve been known to swerve off the road (safely of course) and tromp through a field to snap pictures of these giant puffball weeds (salsify, I believe) because they fascinate me.  44 more words

Curly Girl Press

Extra Photo #6: Puffball

While wandering around, looking for things to photograph, I happened across a dandelion puffball, and couldn’t resist the urge to get a good photo of it. 193 more words


Puffball paradise!

I came across these lovely puffballs last month (April 2015), in the grounds of the Hotel Semáforo de Bares, Galicia, Spain (1). This is a beautiful place with panoramic views over the sea and Cape Bares (Cabo de Bares) in Galicia, Spain. 163 more words

Nature Notes

Origins of Lycoperdon

As I looked up information about the Stump Puffball the first thing that caught my eye was the latin name – Lycoperdon pyriforme. My Greek side, though distant and diluted, picked up on the… 161 more words

Puffball Fungus Interactive Sculptures

To watch them puff visit:



Puffball Fungus (large)


Puffball Funguses (small)


Controlling mushrooms and fungi

From UGA Landscape Alert

Mushrooms are the visible structures of the unseen fungi growing in our landscapes. Think of mushrooms as the flowers and fruits of the fungi world. 745 more words


Puffball Mushroom

I believe this is a puffball, but I am not sure what kind exactly.  Being in a state park we weren’t able to pick the mushroom to investigate it further, and I can’t find anything that looks like it on Missouri Department of conservation website.