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Looking for Skywalker... in Ireland (a trip to Skellig Michael)

Like the vast majority of America, I went out and saw the new Stars Wars movie recently.  My favorite part of the movie had nothing to do with the fighting or the actors or the special effects.   1,362 more words


Puffin Spotting on Grand Mannan

Two Boats

Humpback watching from the lighthouse.

Grand Mannan Island, N.B.

The ferry ride to Grand Mannan was incredible with dolphins racing and playing in the surf. 118 more words


By Jac Dowling

Perhaps it’s the great heat which lowers my biological clock and dulls the senses. Lassitude and a total unwillingness to move more than a whisker sent me on a retro trip to cooler climes, brain nudged up a notch and I decided to carve up an old piece, making no excuse for use of adverbs, adjectives and the like because . 988 more words

Jacqueline Dowling

Puffins, puffins and more puffins

I arrived in Elliston, the puffin capital. After the long distance view of birds at Bay Bulls, I was surprised at how close I was to these puffins. 105 more words


Sidetracked in Maberly

All along the highway to Elliston, garden plots dotted the side of the road. This was where locals grew their summer vegetables. Wouldn’t people stop and steal their crops? 76 more words


What I Learned This Week #21

Oh, so many different things.

1. I am a 99 Cent Store cereal hoarder.Keep in mind I already have an open box – but this is on deck when I finish the other one. 468 more words