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A 'Puffin' Passenger

On this particular occasion, the ‘Stare of the Dog’ was fixed firmly on the ocean and focused on a passing yacht. Dudley, like the rest of us, was in Anglesey on a summer break and with a ‘Welsh’ rare bit of sunshine in the offing, a day at the sea was in order. 751 more words


I frequently daydream about new adventures and places to visit. And in these wandering around (mostly in my car) daydreams they are always places that are a bit untrod, underexplored, a bit unknown, possessing untouristed natural splendor, sport a vibe that has not quite caught up to our 24 hour a day news cycle, and have the ability to expand what I think I know about the world. 792 more words



Today, year 3 have been on a visit to Norwich Forum to find out about the role of women in WWI.

We began the day in the auditorium where Neil told us about how the life of women changed during WWI in Norfolk. 121 more words

Polar Bears


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To view our latest newsletter, please click on the link above and a copy will be downloaded to your device. 102 more words

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Islande 7: la foire aux macareux / Iceland 7: puffins everywhere!

On reprend la route pour nous rendre tout au bout du chemin de terre qui serpente entre les montagnes et la mer. Le but: arriver au village de Borgarfjörður, au fond d’un fjord, pour y voir l’une des colonies de macareux qu’on peut trouver en Islande. 882 more words


WW1 English

In Puffins, we have been learning about how posters were used to encourage people to sign up to the war effort. We all had a go at writing our own persuasive slogans and then designing and making a poster. 59 more words

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An Improbable Fact That’s Probably True

As improbable as it may sound, a gathering of puffins is known as an “improbability.”

Check out this article by our friends at Science Alcove… 17 more words