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Winter Adventures

Hello, all!

This Winter, a lot of changes have been happening in my life and home.

 I just began student teaching this week, and it’s been quite the change to my schedule. 238 more words


Sequins and Cupcake

Despite hating her own doggie Santa hat, Cupcake was intrigued with my leopard print version (that my son picked out at CVS). We had fun with this shoot. 157 more words

Knitting: Finishing and Beginnings

It is all together possible that I won’t be talking to a single knitter out there (Is anyone out there?) but just possibly this will relate a bit to any project that might be undertaken.  565 more words

Life with Dogs

Left the house for about 90 minutes to hit the gym and run to Target. Came home to this. BAHAHA! Scumbags. I swear when the dogs team up they’re unstoppable.


Black and White and Read All Over

I remember my Grandmother teaching me the riddle “What’s black and white and red all over?” when I was about my son’s age. I thought it was so clever. 262 more words