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I’ve got them all.  Lucky!  3 kids, 2 steps.  All adults, out of the house.  2 married, 1 has my 2 grand-daughters ages 5 and 3 (loves of my life!).   65 more words


The Wonderful World of Dog Accessories 

One of the really fun parts about owning a small, cute dog is the accessories you can buy! Although I think a lot of the accessories are really cute, they also serve a purpose in bettering my dogs quality of life. 482 more words


The Training Continues

Nugget’s training on both Sunday and Monday focused on his interactions with other dogs and people. Because he still has some puppy excitability, these tests are going to be the most difficult obstacles for him. 463 more words


Doggy Bucket List

Sometimes it’s good to take a break from training and do some fun activities with your dog. It strengthens the bond with your dog and takes the pressure off training. 655 more words


The Ins And Outs of Therapy Dog Testing

Our dream is becoming reality! Nugget and I are signed up for therapy dog testing and basic training in July. I am very excited about this process, but I realize that this is only the beginning of a very long journey. 717 more words


Dog Friendly Baltimore: Exploring the Suburbs 

Another spot I like to visit with Nugget is Bel Air which is about 45 minutes northeast of Baltimore. It’s easy to spend a whole day on Main Street with your pup! 327 more words


From Reactive to Relaxed: Taming My Dog's Greeting Behavior

Nugget loves other dogs. He loves them so much that he wants to run up to every dog and give them a big sniff and play bow the second he sees them. 601 more words