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Tug O' War

2 beagle mixes + 1 tug toy = puppy fun!

I couldn’t resist posting a second response to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Pets. :-) 120 more words


To all of my readers, I would really appreciate if you could share this story. This is my friend Daved who is a psychic medium and healer. 525 more words

DailyECPR: Peanut- A Pup with Personality and Pizzazz!

Golden Peanut is a dog with a radiant personality! Peanut has big doe eyes that give her an appearance of innocence and sweetness. But when her mouth opens in a jolly doggy grin, it is easy to see that there is quite a bit of mischief mixed in with that sweetness. 771 more words

Animal Rescue

My Elite, Top 5 Favorite Patients

I love the majority of patients that come into the clinic. Of course, mean cats and misbehaved dogs are par for the course, but in general, I love animals, and I love working with them. 851 more words

Veterinary Medicine

The incident with the daffodils

The cat started it.  She knocked the vase into the bathroom sink and “accidentally” the tap turned on.  Not our fault if it dripped on to the floor and their home insurance is not up to date. 41 more words