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So WTF Is A Puggle Anyways?

Well folks, a “Puggle”, is a highly active breed that’s a mix between a Pug and a Beagle.

So a daddy pug and a mommy beagle got together to make… 58 more words


A Solution To Rambunctious Puppies

Hank the Puggle has just about as much energy as you would expect a year-old Labrador to have.

I’ve had a lot of issues with going off to work all day long (because unfortunately not all of us can be stay at home dog-parents, much as I would like) and being too exhausted when I come home to exercise him like he deserves. 173 more words


A Whole Lotta Feelings Goin' On Here

Arms of an Angel, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

We’re gonna leave this one open to interpretation.

Disclaimer: post- flash, the dog released a growl letting Susan, who, might I add is… 63 more words

Own It!

Yesterday, Harry and I were on Daily Burn 365 to talk about our weight loss and Harry’s sob story.

I love being able to share our stories and I want to thank those who made it possible. 193 more words

Love knows no bounds- a story of a girl and her best friend

Many, if not most people, ┬áhave had animals of all varieties at some point throughout our lives. I had several before this little girl. This is Layla, Lay-Lay, Bean, Get Your Ass Over Here, and we can’t forget about Who the hell shit on my floor? 445 more words

Pet Names

A pet name is important. It’s not the same as a nickname (or Ra-Ra would suffice). A nickname is public, available to everyone; a pet name is more private, intimate. 304 more words

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