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I have spoken so much against ‪#‎Islam‬ boys and girls, that I should say something good about it. I have also defended Hindus so much, that I may be allowed to criticize them too. 782 more words

Mahalaya extract from Neil Must Die

(Durga Puja and Mahalaya play a great part in building up the emotions in Neil Must Die. For all those who feel Durga Puja close to their hearts may want to read this extract) 820 more words

For A Thought....

Mahalaya, tarpan and the eldest Pandava

I had a eureka moment on Sunday the 11th of October on the eve of this year’s Mahalaya, as I suddenly realised that the word Tarpan came from the same root as the word Tripti which means satisfaction and fulfillment. 423 more words

A Good Thing

Festival of Lights 2015

Every year at the Root Institute in Bodhgaya they create one of my favorite types of offerings to the triple gem.  On July 20th is a special day where the merit we create is multiplied by 100, 000.  93 more words


¿Te interesan estos altavoces? Puja por ellos en Madbid

¿Te interesan estos altavoces? Puja por ellos en Madbid. El modelo se Muvo Mini y la marca Creative. Pequeños y sencillos parecen pero luego esconden tras de si una calidad de sonido y una potencia que sorprende. 237 more words