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The dreaded, beautiful mess

Tonight’s edition comes to you typed on an iPad, from a blow-up mattress in G’s room.

On my left is The Sergeant. My new husband. Did I mention I got married again? 738 more words

Part twenty seven: SATURDAY BOOZING

Save for the Stone Roses’ gig at Spike Island, to which I couldn’t go as I was twelve, the town in which I grew up was a musical desert. 1,045 more words

Pretty Women

I walk down the street and I see this woman up ahead. There was something about her so I immediately elbowed my friend and said, “Dude, check out that chick. 740 more words


What will it be?

I’ve been invited to go on a deep sea fishing expedition.  This shouldn’t be confused with me being invited to the premiere of Deadpool, which I wasn’t.   364 more words


Double? Triple? QUADRUPLE?!

All right.

In the interest of being fully honest, I’m going to admit that I’ve made a few mistakes lately.

The variety that involves drinking. 160 more words


Vomit, A Love Story

There’s nothing quite like a sick child at 4:01 a.m. to bring a family together.

It began with a wild dream, which I would have remembered if I hadn’t felt Miss Q shake our bed and say, “Miss S is throwing up. 356 more words


An open letter to my romantic soul

Dear hopeless romantic that needs to stop,
Hello there it’s me again reality checker. While the idea of falling in love or letting a crush develop, for that matter, is nice and pretty peachy; it’s not real. 275 more words

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