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A Cry for Compassion

She calls 4 AM
She is right across the hall
She feels like puke

Roger James Pickler


Trouble Maker

Mrs. Boyer was our creepy old bus driver. She drove too fast and was always watching me in her big rear view mirror. She said I was a troublemaker. 82 more words

Growing Up

Two of my Fellows on the Path of University Learning Walk Past

‘Well you puked down Sara’s dress.’
‘Did I?’
‘Apparently, that’s what I was told after. And something else as well, uh, what was it…’
‘So I shouldn’t come then?’


My first girl puke post

I’ll bring to the dear reader in this first post some pictures that interest me. None of those are hosted by me so it may happen that if the reader is reading this section a long time after I created this post then some of these pictures may not be online anymore. 581 more words


The One And Only

It’s been nearly two months since that wretched talk with Sarah. It’s been tough for me. Very tough. But as time passes and thoughts and memories start to fade, so do my feelings for the girl who once meant so much to me. 683 more words

My Life

Oh Come On Stop It!

Have you noticed how fast food/junk food joints have taken to rehabilitating their tarnished images by calling themselves “restaurants”?

I mean Burger King, Wendy’s and McDonalds are now restaurants!?!?!?!? 90 more words