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Sleep Guinea Pig Sleep (logically speaking)

This terrifying picture is my face. I decided that my Instagram feed was guilty of suggesting that my life was an unremitting party of love, family, friends, joy and mirth. 780 more words


Hooray for Lurchers

Went up to one of the small local parks this morning. Ellie’s recall is still for shit when something more interesting is happening, and her favourite thing in the world is playing with other dogs. 440 more words

Hauling My Tired Ass

I’m so tired. Why? I had seven hours of sleep last night, slept for half of the ride to school, drifted in and out of sleep during my last class, and took an hour nap; so why am I so tired and sleepy? 283 more words


Bdelygmia (del-ig’-mi-a): Expressing hatred and abhorrence of a person, word, or deed.

Acronym: an alphabet compress pressed against the babble on. Acronym: what drips from brevity’s rotted gash.   28 more words

Figures Of Speech


The quickest way to summarise the flavour output of New Covent Garden Soups is this: Highly reminiscent of vomit, but a bit nicer. The ideal gustatory outcome of a bout of acute gastroenteritis, if you will. 225 more words

Average Food Blog

Under Construction: This site, My life, and The Fecking Road to Everywhere.

There is construction everywhere within eight miles from my house. Any possible route that I could possibly take is filled with potholes and bumps from shoddy roadwork, there are orange tubes and cones and signs and stuff comes to a dead halt nine times out of ten. 886 more words