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Fuck traveling with kids

So I’m still recovering but sometime soon I hope to give you guys a more thorough rundown on some of the high (and low) lights from our trip from Denver to the very end of Long Island with our whole damn circus of diapers and teething and tantrums. 307 more words



Babies are like puppies.

They both come over to where you are cleaning and try to lick their own puke.

Maybe sometimes, despite your yelling and snatching them away, they are still successful in getting a taste test.

Now I am gagging.

Little Stories

Does this happen to you too?

Everytime I travel by trains or share-autos, I always, always have to sit in the direction of movement of the vehicle, not against it. And if I happen to not sit that way, my day is gone. 118 more words


There will be puke...

Est Iens Ut Sit Ibi Vomitorium. There Will Be Puke. That is my family motto. I’m looking for someone to make a sigil for me. Anyone interested? 217 more words

111 - Beyond The Boobs

Poem number 111
Beyond The Boobs
Buns and baps and wobbly bits
The ladies have nice parts
But a lady who eats lots of beans… 55 more words


I hope I don't puke on my computer

I sit in bed clutching my tummy

Wondering what made it so rumbly

I make a run for agonistic release

And climb back in between my sheets… 31 more words

Kids Don't Care if it is Your Anniversary

….they do gross things, anyway.                                                                  

I’ve been in Chicago for the past 4 days, I got home to my house being a total and complete  424 more words