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Here's to 2017!

Have you ever tried cleaning puke chunks out of frieze carpet?

It’s not fun. But before we get there, let’s back up. It was really all my fault. 932 more words

Hilarious girls night out facts.

1. Girls will take ages to get ready

2. One of the girls will say they’re on their way, when they’re still in bed

3. At some point in the evening someone will cry… 177 more words


Cleaning cat puke off white things

Chloe the cat is an absolute angel that I love with my whole heart and has gotten me through some pretty difficult times – but she can also be a buttface that chews everything made of plastic and throws it up all over my condo. 509 more words


"Love your wife as Christ loves the church"

It’s a strange verse, isn’t it? Compelling yet vague enough to be irritating if you like specificity like me (where are you, my fellow INFJ-ers??). 631 more words

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