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Throwback Thursday

It has been decided that Thursday’s will now feature a throwback memory relating to my adventure with cancer, so get pumped for some delightful tales. And also, rest assured that I will still be attempting to keep up with monitoring the progression of this round of chemo. 542 more words


Yesterday, my energy drained suddenly, and I collapsed on my bed…Stomach in massive pain…I’m deathly afraid of vomiting, but as time went on, I could feel that the pain was definitely not going to compromise…throughout the day, I would puke several times…Now I’m awake…so little energy, so nauseous, still, but I think the puking is over…

That was important to share…


The Beginning of a Rough Day

Hangovers, we can all agree that they are the only and most annoying downfall to having a slight drinking habit. The only words I can use to describe the way I feel when hungover are stale, crusty and nauseated. 1,032 more words


When Puke Reveals Progress

Catching up and sharing from the files of my ramblings. This particular set is from January 31, 2017.


Living life on the autism spectrum presents several different challenges. 763 more words

Parenting with Feet

At some point soon after Slayer’s ‘Christ Illusion’ Tour in 2006 I threw up on the Tee-Shirt I bought at the show. The circumstances of this event are out of my cognitive grasp but I do remember trying to remove it without dragging the wet bit (it was beer-based) over my lovely hair. 643 more words

Born To Lose. Live To Wean

About Pee Shivers

Before I start, I had stopped writing for a few days and people had started noticing. The reason I stopped is because as I was writing these at night, I felt tired and sleepy, especially since I have to drink cough syrup on a daily basis. 481 more words


Hey thats right. So u dont like the truth. To bad so sad.  O they got a pretty add but yo have to drive 500 miles a day plus gas. 27 more words