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I wrote an essay about my most disgusting (and heart-wrenching) experience as a parent so far and it’s up on Great Moments in Parenting today… 38 more words


Shitty Albums Pt V: Metallica - St. Anger

Shitty Albums is a series of reviews for, quite possibly, the worst albums on the planet. 

Part V: Metallica – St. Anger

Telling a Metallica fan that Metallica suck has always been a pointless endeavor, you’ll quickly end up in a situation where you’re having an argument with a brick wall. 1,334 more words


Laughing hell

My laughing hell
is puke of rollercoaster thrills
it is sticky candy-floss
clinging to your carious teeth.
It is the ferris wheel that stops
when you reached the top… 55 more words


Learning Is Not Optional

Teach your children well, their fathers hell, did slowly go by…

Teach your parents well, their childrens hell, will slowly go by…

– “Teach Your Children” Crosby, Stills, Nash, And Young…

508 more words

Some Like It Snot

I mentioned recently that my children had acquired a cold virus. I suppose I should be grateful that we have avoided any major illness since Felix had his tubes put in in December, successfully navigating the Christmas season without any major issues. 114 more words


A Simple Hairbinder

A simple hairbinder put me over the edge this morning.  A hair binder.  That’s all.  Just a hair tie. Not being able to find a hair binder made me so upset I started bawling. 1,084 more words


Don't piss your girl off on Valentine's Day or this will happen

This girl’s boyfriend fell asleep early on Valentine’s Day, so she took matters into her own hands