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Parenting: The PukeFest Edition

I went to the store for bread and bought a dryer instead. The story begins when my seven year old son got sick in the grocery store. 976 more words


Why I Canceled My Amazon Prime Account

My absolute all-time favorite movie – the one that I imprinted on at the age of 10 – was You’ve Got Mail. More often than not, Friday nights you’ll find me watching it and quoting along, with some pizza or Chinese take-out balanced precariously on one knee and my Kindle Fire on the other. 1,254 more words

I Live For My Domina' Scat And Puke! Non

A busy man such as myself needs something crazy to do to keep me sane. In my 78 more words

200. Cold Cuts

Skittering a little over the chipped concrete.
Slivers of sleet and snow slipping from cuff and collar, the freezing metal of my bicycle stem numbing already cold fingers. 3,056 more words

The Stories.

You Puke. I Puke. We all Puke. Worst Flight Ever.

Huff Post

Something besides politics put people in the Washington metro area on the verge of throwing up on Friday. 

A powerful storm moving along the East Coast caused winds so strong that they made people sick.  368 more words


Last Man (and Boy) Standing

I consider myself to be an expert… a connoisseur of sorts when it comes to father-son bonding time… camping, fishing and working on cars. No I’m just kidding I don’t do any of those things. 307 more words

Mrs. Fletcher by Tom Perrotta

I have absolutely no idea what to make of this book or if I even liked it.


A few years ago, I decided I… 478 more words

Book Review