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Psycho Kitty

Today’s post was going to be about a random assortment of things:

1. Our first puke… Cali’s getting credit for that one because she was snuggling with me when I woke up and found it on the floor the other morning. 436 more words



My wife and I have seven kids, ages ranging from 20 down to 3 (no, we’re not Catholic).  Because we have so many kids (nope, not Mormon either), we have no end of puke, poop, and pee stories. 1,114 more words


Vomax, Not a Roman Hero

Earlier in the year we posted some Greek words for vomitingThat post and this were inspired by real life events. 

Vomax, “given to vomiting” 48 more words


Oversupply & Overactive Letdown

Many mothers jump to the conclusion that they don’t have enough milk, their milk is not “good enough,” or that their baby may be allergic to something they’re eating. 433 more words


I can't breathe my head hurts.

My excuse for every time I feel the sting of anxiety creep upon my brain; it’s either I can’t breathe or my head hurts. For a society so entrenched with the most commonly diagnosed mental disorder we still can’t talk about it. 229 more words


The Ice Goblin and his Army of Puking Clones

This is definitely the scariest nightmare I’ve ever had. It might not seem very scary but I was a small kid OK I was scared shut up. 494 more words

Non Classé

Why we're all a kind of Batman

I had never seen a Batman movie/episode/comic until around 3 months ago and I love it so much now. Though now I love Batman and his shroud of mystery I couldn’t have loved him before this year, because I couldn’t relate. 159 more words