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This LSU Student Belongs In The Intoxication Hall Of Fame After Allegedly Vomiting All Over People

Les Miles may no longer be the football coach at LSU, but at least one student is still living life with a “go for it at all costs” attitude that also got her escorted from the premises. 269 more words


Skunk Lock Sprays Bike Thieves With A Stench That Makes Them Puke

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — Anyone who has had their bike stolen will tell you it stinks. Now there’s a chance for a little payback. 189 more words


Heller: ‘Binding Precedent’

From the New York Sun

For a choice example of how Hillary Clinton tacks to the left instead of the center, feature her remarks last night in respect of the Second Amendment. 502 more words


Greetings from Virginia Bleach

In keeping with the “everything is different once you have kids” theme, yesterday we took the kids on their first airplane. Well, technically 2 airplanes. Will and I prepped for every possible scenario. 782 more words


Kush ka dal në stan me mirakë, i ka djerg shekat thatë[1]. (Pukë)

[1] Proverbi është krijuar gjatë periudhës së Luftës Nacionalçlirimtare dhe përdorej për të treguar se të gjithë ata që bashkoheshin me familjen e Mirkajave (bashkëpunëtore e pushtuesve) do të mbuloheshin me turp.


The clouds are sick

the clouds are sick
how do I know?
They’re sneezing sleet
and puking snow
they’re farting wind
(and loud farts too!)
so stay inside
what e’er you do!


Smoothies Ain't So Smooth

So, for this week at Kitchen MacGyver, me and Al decided to make a fruit and vegetable smoothie before we embarked on a hike in the Watchung Reservation. 494 more words