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Hey thats right. So u dont like the truth. To bad so sad.  O they got a pretty add but yo have to drive 500 miles a day plus gas. 27 more words



For my birthday, a couple days ago, my body decided to gift me with a kidney infection. Tonight a few friends of mine decided to throw a “Valloween” get-together (rather than celebrating Valentine’s Day we just celebrated another Halloween). 351 more words

Daily Life

Liberal Activists Want no Part of a Chelsea Clinton Candidacy

From Legal Insurrection, by Aleister

“Chelsea needs to go away”

While the media obsesses over the Trump White House day after day, they are largely neglecting to report that a battle is still raging for the soul of the Democratic Party. 511 more words


Strep, Love and Vomit

I am experiencing the phase in life that many parents of young children know all too well.  My children are ALWAYS sick.   Two weeks ago the entire family enjoyed a good old fashioned case of strep throat courtesy my four year old.  540 more words


One night with my puking son

Look, I remember being a kid and feeling like the world was stacked against me in moments like this. It’s easy to deflect the hurt and pain onto someone else and the most obvious target is the one who is looking after you. 69 more words


Guess I am Headed to The ER

I was woke up out of a dead sleep in pain and sick this morning around 830. I ran to the bathroom and had to go and started getting sick. 1,344 more words


Too much to drink.

Pass the bourbon.

Uh no, it’s gone after a few minutes, it seems.

Killer pain in my stomach and the

Ending wasn’t good.

The night was young and so was I. 37 more words