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Sharing in the messiness of motherhood

This weekend I found a new best friend…she just doesn’t know it yet. We may never cross paths in life, but I think we’d be great friends. 665 more words


what the fluffing heck

i just watched the most messed up trailer ever.

there was this crazy lady eating a heart

not like those fake phony ones

A REAL FLUFFING HEART! 52 more words

I Love My Nieces and Nephews But . . .

I don’t like it when they:

  • Try to strangle me.
  • Puke. (especially when you try to hold then closer to show your love) Then puke again.
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Spewing chunks

Speaking of uncomfortable content, which you might recall I was in my last post, what’s the deal with all the puke in movies recently? I thought it was just me. 421 more words


8 Rules Of Puke Club-How To Avoid The Stomach Virus

I’m knocking on wood for even writing this blog post. Praying I don’t get sick just from talking about puke club. I read somewhere on the internet one time that the stomach virus was tested on a surface for a 2 week time period and still showed up positive. 845 more words

Hand Sanitizer

Daily Dose of "Am I Sick Or Is It Nothing?"

Took my vitamins and birth control and less than 20 minutes later I’m standing in line to get coffee and start to feel like I have to throw up. 96 more words