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Ten Video Mix, Round 3

In the first video, we learn about the life of an imbecile.

In this clip, titled “Heavy Metal Parking Lot”, we find rockers in their natural habitat. 105 more words

Get Well Soon

You told me you were sick. And I told you, ‘Get well soon’. I believe that a sickness as normal as that will simply pass away. 601 more words


Dream In A Box

A dream in a box, a contract to toss, pull it under, over, upwards across.

Poignant pain, bloodloss to gain, crippling arms, building up shame. 50 more words


Written sometime in 2011/2012

I went to a black metal show once on June 3rd, 2009

I’m not a metalhead, but I do enjoy some metal. 391 more words


I wished you were brave enough. Brave enough to carry yourself. Brave enough to be selfish. Brave enough to fight for us.

You carried yourself like the way Disney Princes carried themselves yet instead of posh get-ups, you wore polo shirts and instead of horses, you drove Avanza cars, the Fast-and-Furious driving kind. 627 more words


Fuck You College

I took a risk by dropping out of two post high school establishments. I did not want to do what I was told. I didn’t get along with the teachers or students. 240 more words