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Elaborate Plan


“Mooooommmmmyyyyy! I don’t want to go to school!!!!”

“You were off two days last week for strep. You will be going to school, by golly, unless you have a fever or are puking. 415 more words

My Experience With The McKenna Slim System...So far

The return to fat foods has my belly hurting…dizzy spells…I feel like I’ve been poisoned. I will finish this week on sandwiches & then return to low fat,while using the Mckenna system. 55 more words


My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 15

Hello 😘😘

Today I am releasing a different type of video. People may be disappointed to find that, for this one time only, I have had to increase my price. 344 more words


France Day 3 - Aligote


The Dish:

This is basically like a baked potato soup but with the addition of lots of white wine and truffle oil. What I’ve learned since we started cooking with alcohol is that pretty much all alcohol imparts the same flavor to food. 280 more words


Charmed, I'm Sure...

My planned day off was highjacked by a sick little girl yet again. You know how it goes: high fevers, almost no sleep, glassy eyes (hers and mine but for different reasons), fetid strep breath, unhealthy levels of gooey snot boogers… 173 more words

The Joys of single dad-ing....so much puke

Okay, really not too much puke, but I am home with a sick daughter today who is using my whirly-pop as a whirly puke. They should advertise that as a feature on the box. 143 more words