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About last night...

I managed 2 hours.. Got stupid drunk by having two bottles of bubbly to myself. Thought about the current drama between myself and ex boyfriend and proceeded to sob uncontrolably. 94 more words

My Husband's Brilliant Idea

When we moved to a bigger place and our toddler got her own room (as in 3 weeks ago), we got her a bigger bed. The crib/large pack-n-play wasn’t cutting it anymore. 257 more words


Plans, Puke...What Else Begins With P?


I like to make plans.

I am one of those type-something people.

What is the type-something who likes to make plans and watch them get blown out of the water and then scramble to make new plans? 576 more words

Daily Thought

A Dog's Advice

If you want to have some rice,
Just puke on Mommy’s shoes.
It doesn’t always work,
But what do you have to lose?

Thanks, Ripley!