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Kuthiraivali Soya Sadham | Barnyard Millet Soya Rice (One pot meal)

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Cooking for kids can sometimes get challenging. As parent, you will always be on the lookout for health and nutrition, while your kids prefer taste/texture for obvious reasons. 341 more words


Carrot and Cashew Pulao

This recipe is very easy and goes really well with all types of Indian spicy to very spicy curries because of its subtle yet sweet after taste. 442 more words


Palak Mutter Pulao / Spinach Peas Pulao 👌

Delicious Pulao : Spinach Peas Pulao

Servings : 2 

Duration: 20 mins

Pulao is a main dish usually prepared with rice and contains spices, vegetables, onion depending on cuisine.It can be prepared either with normal rice or basmati rice. 477 more words


Green Peas Pulao

There are days when you ache for a change in the way you prepare rice, you want it to look festive, yet don’t want an elaborate preparation, what do you do on days like that ? 391 more words


Origin of Biryani

Mughals or Nawabs of Awadh………..many such versions are available referring to the origin of biryani. While this gets ascertained, the important thing to know in todays scenario is that biryani represents more culture or specifically community. 84 more words


Methi (Fenugreek Leaves) Rice/Pulao/Pulav- Step by Step Recipe

Methi Pulao is made so frequently at our household; mum makes it pretty frequently for lunch on Sundays. Methi/Fenugreek leaves have innumerable benefits and consuming them on a frequent basis is supposed to cool your stomach, aid in digestion and also help reduce cholesterol. 653 more words


Mama's Garlic Pulao

Hi folks, I hope y’all are alright…

Today’s recipe is to me, what chocolate is to kids…

This ‘Garlic Pulao’ as mama(my mom) calls it, is so full of flavour and is to die for (at least according to me).

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#comfort Food