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This is one of the evergreen recipes from my mom’s kitchen. I loved it as a kid and 34 years into life I adore it still. 198 more words

Indian Cuisine

Chicken Biryani, raw meat method

For someone who has not enjoyed a real, true Biryani,it is impossible to actually imagine how luxurious, fragrant and indulgent this dish actually is. Every grain of rice is light as a feather yet loaded in flavour. 1,139 more words

Main Course

Channa Pulao

My mother once told me, ‘Life has its way of throwing us down. It is absolutely upon us whether we want to get back up or not. 787 more words

Channa Pulao

Easy Chicken Pulao | Chicken Pilaf

Chicken Pulao | Easy Chicken Pilaf

I’m not sure about you, but I’m Very happy if I can achieve the flavors of Chicken Biryani in a Simple Chicken Pilaf! 726 more words

Fiesta Friday


Like everybody I hold a strong love for the country where I was born..!I was born in a beautiful country located in the Eastern  part of the African Continent…”Tanzania”. 541 more words

Coconut Curried Zucchini with easy Dill Rice Pulao

I wanted something light, less spicy and a tiny bit sweet. So I decided to make a coconut based vegetable dish. I always have chopped up frozen zucchini at my disposal (I find zucchini gets spoilt rather quickly if not used within a short time so I chop it up and freeze it for later use) so it was my go to vegetable. 365 more words