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What We Learned From Watching 'Pulgasari,' Kim Jong-Il's North Korean 'Godzilla' Knock-Off

Kim Jong-Il was a sheltered rich kid raised on expensive toys inside a hermetically-sealed totalitarian dictatorship whose only exposure to the outside world was through Hollywood movies. 2,044 more words

Film Drunk

Glorious Leader of Best Korea Presents: Pulgasari

In light of the recent shitshow over Sony’s The Interview it only seems right to take on North Korea’s very own kaiju, Pulgasari! It’s one of the very few kaiju movies to also be a period piece, taking place in feudal Korea. 3,662 more words


The Last Crap of Summer

It actually happens, every now and then, that I get a Saturday off. This is a mixed blessing; no work on Saturday means no pay, but it also means that it is possible to throw together a Crapfest WITH NO HOLDS BARRED! 3,372 more words

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