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George Cotkin's Feast of Excess captures a seminal time in American culture

Now listen, everyone: Silence, please! Precisely, four minutes and thirty-three seconds of silence, at Maverick Hall, near Woodstock, N.Y., on Aug. 29, 1952, rocked the musical establishment. 975 more words


Hey Classics Challengers: 'The Good Earth' is a great gift

So people sometimes ask me, “What’s the point of your Classics Challenge?”

I usually say something like, “It’s important to expand your reading list. You can’t just read the same authors over and over, there are so many great books. 838 more words

Classics Challenge 2015

Spike and Masha takes comedic tour of the middle years of our lives

Husbands and wives come and go. Parents and children eventually reverse roles, kicking and screaming all the way.

Brothers and sisters, however, are stuck with each other and their own peculiar family dynamics — and it doesn’t matter whether you grow up to be a movie star or never actually manage to leave home. 839 more words


Hey Classics Challengers: Maybe not magnificent, but still pretty good.

Back to the Classics Challenge after too long away…

We are on the Pulitzer Prize-winner category in this years challenge and, as usual, there were too many things from which to choose. 889 more words

Classics Challenge 2015

Here's how it feels to be locked in a hot car for an hour

I made it to the 50-minute point before I thought I was going to throw up.

Not bad, actually, when you consider I was sitting in a car in the middle of a parking lot, the outdoor temperature a breezy 26 C (79 F) while the air surrounding me had reached 50 C (122 F). 1,071 more words

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Second Draft: Harvard dropout Sherwood joined Canadian Forces before becoming famous playwright

In June 1917, a young American arrived in Montreal to enlist in the Canadian Army. The Harvard dropout was anxious to join the fighting in Europe, but had been rejected by both the U.S.  640 more words

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Hey Classics Challengers: Let's read Pulitzer winners

The Pulitzer Prize for fiction is, along with the National Book Award, the most important awards in literature written in the United States. It is given to a single work by an American author, preferably about life in America, published the previous year. 479 more words

Classics Challenge 2015