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The Changing of the Guards

My flock has been on the move in the last two weeks, with goings as well as comings. Things are getting all-over-the-place. After the culling of Jane, I was left with an egg-eating Lydia to deal with. 1,436 more words


Mr Bingley Returns

Mr Bingley has finally returned. I want to say returned to Netherfield, and I even pondered changing the name of the pen to Netherfield Park, but let’s just leave it as The Cedar Pen for now. 1,699 more words


Our Chicken Coop and Run

About a year ago, my boyfriend, Colton and I made the huge leap to build our very own chicken coop and adopt a few pullets. Upon making this decision, I knew that Colton would be building the coop… with very little assistance from me! 426 more words

New Chickens

Just as I got back to Edenlight last evening a truck pulled up containing Joan The Chicken Queen, who was driving, and a crate of 7 young pullets (hens) which she asked me if I wanted.   47 more words

The Chicken Madness Starts to Settle Down. Or Does it?

Things are a lot better in the bumblefoot department these days. Boy, bumblefoot is a pig to deal with! It has taken so much time to treat the girls’ feet and there are so many facets to it, but I have learnt a whole lot and am more confident in dealing with it now. 2,335 more words


What's a Holiday Without Pre-holiday Nuttiness?

We went on holiday, The Husband, The Little Fulla and I. We don’t manage to go on holiday very often and this was the first holiday we’d had not staying in someone’s house since The Little Fulla was born. 1,655 more words


And Then There Were no More Little Boys

The little cockerels have left the premises. All three of them. The Husband didn’t even realise I still had three until I told him. I was trying to explain the concept of chicken math to him. 956 more words