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Lacey - bought this year

This is Lacey the black speckled one. She is 8 months old. She is a hybrid like most of ours but a cross originally from a Rhode Island Red and a Maran. 98 more words

Our Ladies (hens)

Chicken Class Photo

We’ve been free-ranging the chickens in the yard again and they have been loving it. I managed to catch them all sitting in the same spot the other day and got nearly all of them to pose for a photo together! 8 more words


Beautiful Eggs!

A few weeks ago, we collected our first egg from the new chickens or pullets.  It was quite exciting as we weren’t expecting eggs for another month or two! 715 more words

Reflections On Farm Life

Pretty Pullets

We collected a Light Sussex and a hybrid pullet named after the rather posh Clarence Court eggs from our friends at Cock and Pullet last weekend. 46 more words


Birds 'n' Bees

Some photos I took on Saturday when the sun was out.

Four of our youngest chicks, French Copper Black Marans. In the photo there are two cockerels and two pullets. 24 more words


Flashback Friday

The chicks were two-three days old in this picture.  Now that they’re almost three months old and ready to move into the big-girl coop, I thought it’d be nice to revisit their homecoming.   9 more words


Time for New Stock

I had about 30 chickens over the winter and most of the thirty are only laying eggs a couple times a week if that often. I have at least three or four that don’t lay eggs at all now. 416 more words