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Operation Chicken Coop - Complete!

Apparently chickens grow REALLY FAST!! The last post I made featuring our girls was in March and they could easily be held in our hands. Now just two months later, they are almost fully feathered and active pullets. 593 more words

On The Stead

Back to Babies

Last night we had another set of twins born to Prudence.  Once again a black and white combo (it’s like a bunch of Oreo cookies around here honestly!).  467 more words

Our Chicks Were SICK!

Note: They’re all better now!

Our chicks came down with coccidiosis. Even though I thought I had caught the signs and symptom early, we did end up losing one chick to the disease. 635 more words

Beginner Anxieties

I became a chicken farmer

My husband and I took the plunge this weekend and bought peeps! We have been wanting to raise chickens for many years and we finally followed through with it. 242 more words



If you’re going to live in the country, you really need a few hens. Because who would want to eat store-bought eggs when you could have delicious fresh eggs? 443 more words


Are Eggs with Blood Spots Safe to Eat?

Nothing is more exciting than raising your own chickens. From the day you bring those tiny chicks home you dream of your first egg. You start thinking of all the recipes that you will make with those eggs, from breakfast to dessert. 559 more words


In Which The Chickens Get Automated

Let me introduce to you the newest addition to the chicken pen. It isn’t a chicken, but it’s almost as exciting: an auto-feeder!

I’ve been wanting an auto-feeder for ages, but they aren’t cheap. 586 more words