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Today at work I fed the future layers some lettuce.

These birds have decided that people are terrifying, and jam themselves in a corner to hide. 46 more words


Hiding in Plain Sight

June 27, 2016

I parked the skid steer in my son’s barn. He has five pullets just starting to lay. They usually hide their eggs behind an old gate against the barn wall. 289 more words

Small Farming

This little piggy

3 weeks ago, when Sadie was off work, I invited her to ride out to White Pine with me to go pick up the latest batch of pullets. 853 more words

Studying the National Electric Code with Frick and Frack

My new pullets needed to learn to not be afraid of humans.  I really needed to spend time with them for socialization training.  I also have a backlog of homework and studying from a series of medical issues in my household.  127 more words

Success Gardening In The Mojave Desert

The Awesome Australorp.

The dead of winter, even in California, is not exactly baby chick season. It is a time for hens and their keepers to hunker down and dream hopefully of the coming time of daffodils. 575 more words

All Things Poultry

New Additions

The auburn one is a  “Production Red” and she is the sweetest of the three. She is so friendly! She comes right up to us as if saying “Hi! 211 more words

Current Reflections

Tales of a Rooster

So, just casually, we have a rooster. A ROOSTER. I was planning to get a rooster some day. I had even gone so far as to decide that it would be a barred Plymouth Rock or a black Orpington, raised from fertilised eggs I would buy. 1,899 more words