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Chicks Get a Roost

It’s time the young ones get some roosting practice so that they’re ready when they move into the grown-up coop.  A few of them got it right away, but the most fascinating part of their new furniture was the screws. :-)


Field Trip for the Chicks Part II

Took the chicks out for their second field trip yesterday.  I didn’t want to put them in the garden because last time they weren’t so gentle with the seedlings, so I took the leap and let them out near the garden but in the open.   32 more words

Video of Chicks' First Day Outside

I think I finally figured out how to embed a video.  Let me know if this works!  Hope you enjoy.

Pullets' First Outing

Yesterday, I took advantage of the perfect weather to take the Golden Comet chicks out on their first outdoor excursion.  They’re about a month old now, but they’re not quite ready to be let loose unsupervised.   36 more words

Depression Chicken ’n Dumplin’s

My mother raised chickens in our backyard. Not pets. Not rescued fowl. She had two purposes for tending her chickens with extreme care―eggs and meat. She chose laying hens with the best production record and brooding hens who mothered their chicks.  275 more words

Violet Carr Moore

Say Hello to My Little Friends!

We brought these little golden comet girls home today.  They hatched three days ago, and we had their new digs ready to welcome them.  We’ve had several chicken breeds over the years, but these are by far the best breed we’ve tried.   82 more words

The Girls

This morning hubby and I started a journey as new parents. The parents of the fluffy, two-legged, pecking kind. Meet Sal and Lil..

Sal and Lil are 17 week old pullets and will start laying fresh, free range eggs in 5 weeks’ time. 223 more words