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The Chicken Madness Starts to Settle Down. Or Does it?

Things are a lot better in the bumblefoot department these days. Boy, bumblefoot is a pig to deal with! It has taken so much time to treat the girls’ feet and there are so many facets to it, but I have learnt a whole lot and am more confident in dealing with it now. 2,335 more words


What's a Holiday Without Pre-holiday Nuttiness?

We went on holiday, The Husband, The Little Fulla and I. We don’t manage to go on holiday very often and this was the first holiday we’d had not staying in someone’s house since The Little Fulla was born. 1,655 more words


And Then There Were no More Little Boys

The little cockerels have left the premises. All three of them. The Husband didn’t even realise I still had three until I told him. I was trying to explain the concept of chicken math to him. 956 more words



Eggs…or as Smeagol would say eggses are a pretty tasty food.  Fresh eggs in my opinion are even better.  Ever since the chickens started laying, knock on wood, we haven’t ever been out of eggs. 283 more words

More chickens?

Yes, more chickens.  As our chickens laid more and more eggs, we had to find a way to utilize them.  You can only eat so many eggs a day right?   277 more words

Disaster strikes

What is every chicken owner’s worst fear?  Dogs.  Not just any dogs, but my own dogs killed some of my chickens.  Up to this point I had considered myself fairly safe. 454 more words

Adding chickens to your flock...

Our experience has been good, but we did have some growing pains..  The first three additional hens, we introduced later in the day, around the time they would be heading inside for the night.   259 more words