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Building our chicken run

Hey! Christmas is right around the corner and I have a major case of “gift wrapping procrastination”. It’s bad and every day Amazon delivers yet another present and I put it in my procrastination pile… I have a problem. 596 more words

Backyard Chickens

tales from the brooder

As my first “down to business” post, I thought I’d give an overview of raising our chicks.

Today, the chicks are exactly 5 weeks old. They moved out to their coop this week and it’s been going great. 782 more words

Backyard Chickens

Peering at Photos: A Look Back at The Original Feather Babies

I’m going to do a current chick update soon, really! But first, something I’ve been meaning to do for a while: looking back at photos of Mr Bingley and co, the presumed 3/4 Australorp crew, to compare how they looked when they were chicks to how they look now. 331 more words


A yolk about eggs

We collected the eggs today, not that there were many, as we’ve sent most of the hens to market and it’s the wrong time of year. 137 more words

Care Farm

Wednesday Wings - Pullets

My Bff’s 11 year old granddaughter raised chickens
for a 4H project. She did a wonderful job.6 of the pullets won a Blue Ribbon and sold for close to $100.00. 17 more words

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The Little Chickens Aren't so Little Any More

I have to stop calling the young ones the Little Chickens. They have grown so much that Mr Bingley is very nearly as big as Legolas, if a little more gangley. 1,245 more words


The Chosen Ones

The feather child numbers have gone down with the removal of the three excess boys, Little Spot, The Smoky Chick and Orange Feet, leaving us with The Chosen Ones: Frodo, Legolas, Mr Bingley, Jane, Lizzie and Lydia. 1,120 more words