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How we got started with chickens.

Whether you hatch fertilized chicken or duck eggs, have day old ducks or chicks shipped to your door, or pick up some couple-day old fuzz balls from your local farmer or feed store, one thing is certain; you will need to set up a chick brooder. 182 more words

Memories from my childhood - Chooks

Now that we lived in the shed we could settle into life in the countryside and shape the surroundings of our home. We had a beautiful kurrajong tree growing 10m down the hill from the shed and to the side of that we built a chook shed (chooks are hens). 495 more words


Easter Eggs!

Finally !!! One of our Ameraucana pullets is a big girl now !! A hen!

We found our very first “easter egger” bluish-green egg yesterday !   205 more words


Baby Eggs

Here are some of the first eggs laid by my silver splash Ameraucana pullets from the Jan hatch.  The baby eggs are always the best color.   200 more words

Notes | 6.11.17

Today’s egg tally was a whopping five!  (Three Ameraucana, one Buff Orpington and one Cuckoo Marans.)  I’m still waiting on the Ideal 236 pullet (a white egg), the Black Sex Link (a brown egg), the Rhode Island Red (another brown egg) and the two Silver Laced Wyandottes (also brown eggs).   154 more words


Notes | 6.10.17

We got four eggs from the chickens today.  Two from the Ameraucana pullets, one from Coco (our three-year-old Ameraucana hen) and one from Amelia Cordelia (our three-year-old Cuckoo Maran). 17 more words


Chicken Changes

The chicken changes continue here and I know people are curious to know who has and hasn’t made the cut. A month ago I had six hens laying and now I’m down to three laying. 1,691 more words